I'm so disappointed in TYT

You know very well it’s too late to replace Biden. Trump and Biden have been forced us on us. And you are acting just like all the big news networks. He had one bad 90 minutes. No, he’s not great, but he’s better than Trump and you know it. And you’ve been spending the last week scaring people just like the regular news networks. Would you rather we have Trump? Because you know that no one else has the juice to win. I’d love it if it were otherwise. I’d be very happy if Jaimie Raskin were to be President, for example. After all these years following you, believing in you, you’re acting just like them. For what? Clicks? You should be ashamed.


Biden has blood on his hands of innocent Palestinian children. He should be tried in The Hague for his war crimes. Biden and is the same criminal as Netanyahu.



Cenk has been saying that Biden was having issues long before the debate fiasco. He started the petition asking Biden to withdraw in September of 2023. Granted, it was because of Biden’s poll standings at that time
And no, it’s not too late. Look at the election of 1968, Lyndon suspended his campaign and did not seek re-election. The other Democratic hopefuls had to vie for the nominaion at the DNC Convention that year. Does it scare me that Trump could win? Yes. But I don’t want a President who can only “be the President” from 11 AM to 8 PM. Even if Biden is just starting to show early stages of cognitive dysfunction, what will he be like in 1, 2, 3, or 4 years? How long will they keep up the charade?
The office of the POTUS is far too important to have a part-time President.


I think the problem with framing it as “bad 90 minutes” is that it’s become monumentally more clear that it’s not just 90 minutes. He hasn’t been acting as the President for months - probably even years to be honest. His aids and his wife are the ones actually running the country and, I’m sorry, but I didn’t vote for them. I don’t really understand the argument that Biden is the only one that can win. Where you’re really getting that from? Outside of the media, what other evidence is there that Biden is the only one that can beat Trump? And are we really willing to cave to the point where we just want a warm breathing body in the office of President? Do you guys remember 2015? We were choosing between Hilary and Bernie and demanding $15 minimum wage and Medicare for All. That’s how far we’ve fallen. Are we really willing to fall so far that we don’t even care if Joe is coherent? Really? Because that’s f***** up, and so extremely depressing that you can’t see that.


It is NOT too late. Britain just did an election in 2 months and France did theirs in 1. We have 4 months. That is PLENTY of time to choose another Dem Candidate. Or people could be really smart and just vote 3rd party/write-in and make it so neither Joe or Donny win


It’s too late? really? I wasn’t aware the democratic national convention has already come and gone…oh wait, it hasn’t.

this apologist corporate democrat fall in line mentality is why this country is in trouble. it’s why hilary lost in 2016, why biden barely scraped by in 2020, and why he’ll lose in 2024. if the only platform you have to run on is ‘i’m not the other guy, i’m the only option besides him’ that’s already failing the people.


Most people won’t even be interested in the race till September. So, with the correct roll-out f a new candidate, it can work…Plus there are still too many not interested in the same election as last time.


I am actually proud of TYT for taking the stance that they have. In fact, I was in the process of cancelling my subscription until they amplified their commitment to truth. Look, we are all being played by a Billionaire Corporate culture who has both major parties in their back pocket. I have watched for years as the Democrats have become more and more conservative and corporate. If you want to shame someone, what has the Justice Department done over the last 4 years under Biden? The fact that Trump and his cronies are experiencing little more than a slap on the wrist is ridiculous. In days of old, Traiters would have been hung within a week of their crimes. I am not big on Conspiracy theories, though find them entertaining, but you could certainly convince me that there is a conspiracy of common interests in place for continuing to support an elder gentleman, who needs help, and not to be used as a pawn for powerful interests. What they did when it came to propping up Feinstein before her passing was absolutely criminal. How is supporting Elder abuse justifiable in anyway, and how is it that Trump is not already in jail? This such a ruse, which TYT has the courage to challenge. Thank you, TYT.


I get your frustration, but let’s get real:

Cenk’s been sounding the alarm on Biden for ages, starting a petition back in September 2023 due to Biden’s nosediving poll numbers. Biden’s issues aren’t just a “bad debate.” He’s been a figurehead while his aides and family run the show, raising serious doubts about his ability to lead.

The claim that Biden is the only one who can beat Trump? Pure media spin. There are other candidates who could light a fire under voters.

I agree: Other countries do quick elections; and with still four months left, the US has plenty of time. TYT’s stance isn’t for clicks; it’s about calling out the façade and demanding real leadership.

We need to stop settling for less and demand better.


There are many problems with replacing Biden

  1. The money can only be transferred to another candidate with the permission of donors, Biden and harris.
  2. None of his replacements are polling better than him
  3. This will cause too much infighting and chaos and lose voters and donors.

I do think it is quite late to replace him.
But my biggest gripe with TYT is that they know full well this isn’t a democratic process. Elites will just pick the sleaziest, most corrupt corporate lapdog that they can find. This does not take into account the voice of the Voters at all. But they keep gaslighting us by calling it a “democratic process”. It is not a freaking primary, stop calling it that and stop talking about it like it is.
Also they are pushing for a massively right wing candidate after they have spent years screaming at the dems for doing exactly that.
I am sorry but I have no interest in promoting corruption to a party or moving the party further to the right of this nixon wannabe we already have in office. i have no interest in spending my time democracy-facing corporate despotism.

If you want to replace Biden I will only settle with this.

  1. Conduct extensive polling with registered dems and independents (including broken down by race) to see how the votes would change if we remove just Biden and both Biden and Harris vs different replacements.
  2. Only and only if there is a lead beyond the margin of error against Trump am I ok with replacement.
  3. The replacement needs to happen in an actual open primary where anyone can put their hat in the ring, have 3 debates in 3 weeks and nationwide snap primaries are held for the registered dems to vote for their fave candidates.
    Whoever is the winner is then fine by me.

If they do this anointing of corporate ghouls, I am out. Out from supporting the party altogether.

It is literally not too late. Biden will lose to Trump if he is the nominee, so getting him out of the running is the only shot we have. Period. To say that TYT is gaslighting is laughable and does not merit an actual response. Getting rid of Biden and taking this to the convention is stepping back into the democratic process. Is there corruption? Of course! Are we going to all get exactly what we want? Of course not, but it is the only shot we have. Period.


For every election until 1970, the nominee was selected at the Convention in July. A little education in civics goes a long way. it’s absolutely not too late to replace him on the ballot. There is no legal or logistic reason we can’t replace him, just the media and the Dems in power telling you what you do … and sadly, you listening.


It’s certainly not too late to replace Biden. The convention hasn’t even happened and 4 months to go to an election is a political eternity. Biden has no chance of winning. I’m not going to allow fascism to take over because a selfish man refuses to step aside and he is enabled by a bunch of cowards in the Democratic party. Genocide Joe has got to go.


What is the democratic process? Corproations picking sleazebags is not democratic. Voters didn’t get a say - that is undemocratic. period, No amount of window dressing is going to change that. And I want to see empirical data where anyone is doing better than Biden. They arent.

So yes, continuing to say “anyone will be better” and calling corporations shocking down another corporate right wing hack down our throats IS gaslighting

I keep saying - learn form the Tories. They ousted Boris Johnson, had a leadership crisis and installed Sunak and faceplanted into the worst defeat of 100 years. That is exactly what will happen here

Yes and we also had segregation back then, Things were changed for a reason. We also had monarchy at one point, lets revert to that shall we?
Just because it happened doesn’t make it democratic, It is undemocratic, period and I will not accept the candidate coming out from it. I will only accept one that voters vote for, not corporate hacks

2 months to early voting and georgia’s deadline was 9th July. And I never said we cant replace him. I am merely giving you people a reality check on the challenges of replacing him. And I am not the one listening to power, because the establishment wants to replace him, The media doesn’t turn on the establishment. It turns on people who fall from the good graces of establishment, Which is why Biden is a pariah just like the progressives now and they are the ones supporting him because they have eyes and can see the polls, But you people will do exactly as the establishment tells you, wont you?

Like you said, 4 months is a lot of time. Clinton was ahead by +4.5 points at this time and she Lost,Trump closed the +4.5 gap with Hillary despite his crazy antics and media dunking on him. 4 months is a lot of time for Biden to catch up. Just around 12 june Biden was +0.3 points behind and catching up before this media cycle hit. Once it blows over, it will be business as usual. And people are forgetting that RFK Jr is polling at 8-9%. Most of those voters are going to transfer to Biden as voting starts. It isn’t as bad as they are making it out to be

Hi all, as I read through this a few thoughts came to mind:

  1. ALL of us have worries and anxieties about this November. (Rightly so)

  2. ALL of the folks in this forum truly care about democracy and each other. ( It’s a TYT forum after all).

  3. NONE of us have the power to control Biden or the DNC. (Or the donors!)

  4. NONE of us will feel better by venting or lashing out each other as we all want the same thing: to beat Trump. (Venting against the donors, Biden, and the DNC is a different thing, and I highly recommend it! )

Now for something to lighten the mood while simultaneously letting you vent, I suggest watching Jon Stewart. I’m still laughing at the Trump chart of “huh vs time”.


The problem, imo, isn’t that it’s “too late” to replace Biden. The problem is the only one who has the power to make this decision is Biden. This has been the case all along, so it’s grating when Cenk says the Democratic Party is forcing his candidacy on us and everybody in Washington wants him to be the candidate. Nonsense.

Yes, you could say the liberal establishment doesn’t have the fortitude to challenge the president as a united front, but it really is up to Biden alone. Of course, it’s a terrible self-centered decision, but he made it 2 years ago and all of Cenk’s tilting at windmills since then has been nothing more than impotent ranting.

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I say to all of Blue Maga. Remember when you said Hillary would win? Why are you desperate to lose to Trump again??? It must be a kink right? That’s the only explanation, you see a big bad evil force coming and you get off on putting weak feeble paper thin opponents against it and you enjoy seeing patheticly corrupt people lose to dangerously stupidly corrupt people. :person_facepalming:t2: blue MAGA, your cult is worse than the reds only because your cult likes to lose to them.


Most voters do NOT want either tRump or Biden. This is a chance to actually switch Biden out. And before you say “We only have 4 months. There’s no way we can get it done in that little time”; I give you Britain doing it in 2 months and France just did it in 1 month. And that was FULL NATIONAL ELECTIONS. Not just Primaries.