I'm tired of American wildlife being treated like they don't matter. It's time to stand up for wild horses

  1. The BLM(Bureau of Land Management) is highly influenced by the commercial livestock industry that views wild horses as competition for cheap, taxpayer-subsidized grazing on public lands. Which is illegal

  2. As it currently stands, taxpayer-funded livestock grazing is authorized on 128 million acres of public land where wild horses are completely absent.

  3. Conversely, wild horses and burros are authorized to roam just 27 million acres of public land, all of which they share with – and are exponentially outnumbered by – cattle and sheep. Even still, ranchers want them gone and BLM( Bureau of Land Management) is happy to comply

  4. These horses are horribly mistreated by the Bureau of Land Management. Roundups are especially dangerous when conducted using helicopters that drive fleeing wild horses over long distances, often over rough terrain. Once trapped in pens, panicked family bands and herds are torn apart — with even the foals taken from mares — as government contractors separate them by gender and age.

  5. The captured wild horses then face an uncertain future: A portion considered less adoptable, because of their older age, may be released back onto the range, with the mares treated with fertility control. Those are the lucky ones.

  6. Most of the captured will be put up for adoption, with the vast majority passed over before being trucked away to join tens of thousands in government holding facilities.

  7. Through failed or unscrupulous adoptions or sales, an unknown number of wild horses fall into the hands of kill buyers: The ultimate betrayal of America’s promise to fully protect its iconic free-roaming wild horses and burros. What they are doing is illegal.

  8. The Bureau of Land Management keeps getting away with its blatant abuse and eradication of wild mustangs then there will be no more mustangs. One of the animals that represent freedom and heart will be gone.

  9. RIGHT NOW they plan to eliminate over 50 percent of the wild horse population in Wyoming and that’s just one state. There is nothing stopping them from doing this in every state across the US.

  10. I believe there needs to be a politician that actually cares about the treatment of these animals and actually listens and works with wildlife biologists and scientists.

  11. Whoever reads this message if you can please spread the news about this. It’s time for the US to start treated wildlife like they matter.


This is such an important issue. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I didn’t make the connection that you are the Aaron who goes to the Operation Hope meetings, sorry. :woman_facepalming: I hope you are doing well and I look forward to seeing you at more meetings!