I'm tired of mediocracy

When will this grandiosity facade fade that every member of society exhibit in explanation of their ideologies, where has the humility or just genuine critical thought gone, that hmmmmmm maybe this individual has different living circumstances or simply different outlook then my own. Please people communicate with patience and question things you don’t understand, so we can all embark on a brighter horizon collectively.

This is defeatist attitude when we need it least.

Do you understand I am in a pissing contest with my local fortunates that can’t look past the extra pocket cash for charging rents above mortgage and way above the means of our low-income residents?

All people do is talk about “theirs” and what they would lose, what they won’t gain, why other people’s poverty, even their own employees is none of their business!

I am holding the line waving in descent like Neo testing out the latest set of Agents.
And I know I’m not alone, the inner Progressive in the group grows, with every bout my goal is the same:
I want the last word.
The one where it hits you so hard you forget to talk back.
The one that leaves you so dazed and confused you forget that you were just delivered a blow, so again, my comment left hanging supreme.

It can’t be just me, I know it’s not, but I do know that what we’re doing is making a huge difference, even when you don’t see it on the surface, foundations crack everytime they try to switch subjects or resort to personal atracks.

Score that one for yourself.

Sinema is not clawing her way out of anything, I’m not allowing anyone around me to forget, I tell them where the ball is at in such a way that they don’t have to take my word for it, they see the ball in the distance coming in, I don’t have to keep up images or smoke screens, I just remind people of what we’re looking at.
I have only met one that was completely clueless about Sinema, her actions ensure people don’t talk back.

Mediocracy, you don’t believe, because you do not want to believe.
If you want more than mediocracy, you must first start toward that direction.

Excuse me, my man but please don;t tell me what my attitude is, you can attempt tp grasp, but you will never know unless you ask, which is the basis of this discussion thread. Judgemental individuals are too eager to paint somebody with broad brush rather than be inquisitive, we have had discussions prior to this. I would expect you to understand, but clearly their is a lapse in judgement in your deciphering, let me be real straight forward because I’m of the bullshit, fucking work together as whole have patience for one another and a fucking decent human being, actually question before immediate judgement. I apologize for language, but I’m tired of self righteous asses, trying to prove they are right or wrong or labeling people without even inquring first.

The attitude cannot be separated from your statement.
The statement itself is all attitude.
I would have appreciated that a year ago, but I have compelling evidence that there are more than just me pushing this fight.
Build Back Better should have passed by now, especially with Jayapal’s lack of willpower.

It’s no politicians holding the bill up, tbh, there’s not enough progressives in the first place while they flail about confused at even what their constituents want.

I am going to pull rank here, as I have not been blowing smoke, but providing a taste of what I unleash to the world here.

I have no problem with you whining, I’m going to chime in if I hear something that needs interjecting. You are free to continue whining if you wish.

I have been calling for help for months. How about suggestions?

Bro that is my suggestion, I’m not sure if picking up what I’m dropping, but my patience has a lower threshold for idiots today. Ok I’ll try this one more time, but I’m gonna be completely honest if you can’t decipher or read between the lines on this, I’m at loss, and gonna have to ask someone to explain this point, especially with unnecessary responses with negative connotations attacking my character and reasoning, HERE WE GO, simply my SUGGESTION I stated earlier is we have to turn each other for help, we obviously are not going to make any immediate changes that would be substantial enough to change and already polluted system. Which obviously you can’t disagree with because we’re still discussing the reconciliation pac!!! People need help now, fuck all the policy bullshit, think outside the box and stop acting like your arguing for justice when you can’t see simplicity starring you in the face, I’m saying fucking help your fellow man, and stop trying to create arguments. if action is needed urgently and the system is meant to drag things on, try fucking another approach! Which like said as a suggestion, is we turn one another as community, stop following the herd and falling back into convoluted political bullshit, just fucking help whose ever next to you and build something substantial in the meantime as we collectively keep putting pressure TOGETHER!!! I could give damn about what the dollar is worth, but people are struggling now and that’s my concern. I’m say this one more time stop arguing over bullshit policy and being a righteous asshole, come together on social level help people with their needs and in turn if you need help, they will be there for you, an actual community, not competing with one another over a dollar. Eventually in the near future we grow in to force to be heard. We are fighting a rigged system that will take time to do dismantle, but in the meantime look out for your fellow citizens and together we could make difference. Mic drop

We are watching history in the making. The first time Progressives have had any real influence in politics… so much so that it is so shamefully obvious that a news network could capitalize on informing the public how to read the clouds.
Never have there been this many Americans with their eyes on the ball.
Bernie came into my family’s establishment on his campaign trail and took pictures with all my employees; I didn’t even know who he fucking was.
That is the masterful Democratic arts of gaslighting, they can gaslight you out of people’s existence!
I protested the damn Iraq War! I tried following the Green Party, didn’t know anyone survived! I just learned about TYT through TDR last year because I was stir crazy from the pandemic, and John Iodorola was reading my fucking mind on the current events today!
I’m sure you know the pain of being the lone Progressive in a predominantly selfish culture… I think it is by design, at least politically…

More to the point, we’re watching the Progressive leader make mistake after mistake, we know that…
Who else knows that? Jayapal? She can’t trust what she doesn’t know, that’s why we need AOC.
She is one of us and she is great at public relations and sharp, so long as you’re not sexist or racist, she can get along with anyone.

I use to read articles, see the wordplay, because that’s what they always do right? Think of clever ways to lie to the American People without actually lying to the American People, they just intentionally mess up their reporting, slight implications in for facts.
And Hilary… smug ON the campaign trail, THINKING the Progressive constituents wouldn’t see right through her bullshit, of course she lost!
Democrats spend ALL their time managing Progressives, I blame Democrats keeping me from Bernie, a life call I never knew I missed.
I could have gotten him in the White House had I met him after highschool…

The FIRST time in history, the only people who know are people who watch TYT, no one does it like us, but even our pacs have a hard time believing us.
Can you blame them? We kind of sound like prophets.
With Progressive leadership as it is… losing the Reconciliation Deal, this one is out of our hands. It makes sense, they never would have put AOC at the head otherwise.
After this disaster, AOC will be positioned.

Jayapal isn’t a person, but a representative, everyone is thinking of their constituents, they want to play safe, they are still acting on instinct, an instinct that needs to be beaten out of them, and this is the only way!

All of us were hoodwinked! Now we see the play, while I hate watching this train wreck, I am also expanding the conversation in different ways.

If at this point you still don’t believe me, I will lecture you the importance of looking around your environment before calling everyone mediocracy!
I am anything but!
I am agrieved!

Not only that, but I have also been trying to engage in considerations to this very problem!

Communication between politician and constituent!
I know it’s not fair that I just posted it, but there you go! Start tapping keys and pop some synapses, because there’s a political party I want to raid like pirates and leave no one behind!

They will join us whether they want to or to shut us up, either way, it’s going to frickin happen!

Do you believe yet, or do I need to find another way of explaining it to you?

I like your enthusiasm, but please be considerate of others ideals, and steer away from labeling and maybe unconsciously insulting someone.

What label is that? Mediocracy?

What label did I use on you?

I feel like you’re not even trying to understand what I’m saying, and because of that you think I’m making fun of you.

I think we are going to have agree to disagree my man, that’s ok, we have different views, but I don’t think our messages are be transcribed the way we intended. This more of misunderstanding than anything, but I appreciate you continuing the conversation. No hard feeling my guy.

No hard feelings, just saying: TYT is anything but mediocracy.

Hey there @ijedi and @Drew2008 – disagreements are expected and even encouraged. This is how we learn together. Please do refrain, though, from personal attacks and condescending argumentation. Please help us to build a culture here of mature, respectful discussion. It seems to me like you two actually agree on a lot but are both having a hard time hearing each other. Instead of pointing fingers, just self-correct. It’s the fastest, kindest, most productive way for us to all work together.

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I don’t need anyone to agree with me out of politeness, nor do I need to silence opposition of opinions.
I would prefer to be able to speak freely without concern to offend, but honestly, I don’t see this being a recurring problem.

I just don’t think anyone was expecting to talk about guns for so long, nor has anyone had any real conversation on guns in general in the USA.

It always stops at “second amendment rights” as if it’s the magical word for EVERYTHING!
So I cannot blame the bias, this issue has a lot of negativity, and no matter how reasonable I might try to be, we cannot forget what terrible stewarts the NRA has been on gun rights and the stigma of gun ownership.

Progress was made at least, gun conversations don’t usually make it even this long in Progressive forums.

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My man I can respect your standpoint because of your enthusiasm it seems important to you, and you have some ideals I can agree with not, but do you my guy, always here to offer my perspective. TYTLOVE

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I have read and heard wat you are saying, and I humbly disagree. Your first point, I believe was tat we question politicians and corporations(?) to find out ow they cam to the beliefs they hold. To question everyone to try to see things from their side. Then you went beyond that to supporting our neighbors and community ourselves, do not wait for a bill or legislation to be passed. Act now, the shit will catch up to us eventually, as long as we take care of our fellow human beings, things will change, with or without the government. I wholly disagree with your first point. I already understand what motivates people like the Governor of Virginia, or MANCHINEMA, or the MAGAlomaniacs, or McConnell. They wear their reasons on their chests like unwarranted badges of honor. Fuck their reasons and their pure-blood lifestyles. How much more do I need to know. Understanding, which most of us already have, does not imply nor necessitate empathy with these narcissistic sociopaths. Tired of hearing ANY thing about ANY of them. Your second point has valid reasoning behind it. However, where does the necessary funding come from? My community already does what it can for the indigent and mentally handicapped citizens. There is no possible way for the community to pay for or absorb the costs that medicare is not going to cover for Prescriptions, optical, and dental. The broadband will not happen for free, and the internet companies are not the generous types. I can see helping your next door neighbor buy some food, but you are imagining a place where everyone is being helped by fellow man. Fellow man does not have the resources to do what you are asking, no one does. It as to be by legislation, because the US has fucked the middle and lower classes for years and now all systems, unless you are wealthy, are FUBAR
ps- My “H” key is on strike, and not always striking when requested. so wen it looks weird, put an H in it

I agree and I maybe being to optimistic or maybe I didn’t present my ideals properly. I tend to jump around depending on the topic I’m watching or researching, but my overall message is we obviously need a starting place, which should be helping your fellow progressive community in order to substantiate a base, one with trust imbedded in it. From there we build off that foundation until we enough of community where we can have a national impact significantly recognized by all. From my perspective we all have issues in our current community, so asking others is a difficult matter, that’s where my rants may have went a little aggressive, because to its simple to just offer a hand. Of course we can’t supply medical care for folks, but we can create programs through donations to supply medical care for individuals who aren’t able to afford, think outside of the box. This is not an overnight immediate change it’s a resolution in the mean time to help our people needing immediate aid, which is our end goal. I’m well aware of the limitations, but nothin ventured nothing gained. Overall my first steps is just helping those within reach, I can’t do a liver transplant, but I can offer you some dinner. Essential do what you can in the meantime