Unnecessary argumentative nature

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That Guy: This is defeatist attitude when we need it least.

Do you understand I am in a pissing contest with my local fortunates that can’t look past the extra pocket cash for charging rents above mortgage and way above the means of our low-income residents?

All people do is talk about “theirs” and what they would lose, what they won’t gain, why other people’s poverty, even their own employees is none of their business!

I am holding the line waving in descent like Neo testing out the latest set of Agents.
And I know I’m not alone, the inner Progressive in the group grows, with every bout my goal is the same:
I want the last word.
The one where it hits you so hard you forget to talk back.
The one that leaves you so dazed and confused you forget that you were just delivered a blow, so again, my comment left hanging supreme.

It can’t be just me, I know it’s not, but I do know that what we’re doing is making a huge difference, even when you don’t see it on the surface, foundations crack everytime they try to switch subjects or resort to personal atracks.

Score that one for yourself.

Sinema is not clawing her way out of anything, I’m not allowing anyone around me to forget, I tell them where the ball is at in such a way that they don’t have to take my word for it, they see the ball in the distance coming in, I don’t have to keep up images or smoke screens, I just remind people of what we’re looking at.
I have only met one that was completely clueless about Sinema, her actions ensure people don’t talk back.

Mediocracy, you don’t believe, because you do not want to believe.
If you want more than mediocracy, you must first start toward that direction.

ME: Bro that is my suggestion, I’m not sure if picking up what I’m dropping, but my patience has a lower threshold for idiots today. Ok I’ll try this one more time, but I’m gonna be completely honest if you can’t decipher or read between the lines on this, I’m at loss, and gonna have to ask someone to explain this point, especially with unnecessary responses with negative connotations attacking my character and reasoning, HERE WE GO, simply my SUGGESTION I stated earlier is we have to turn each other for help, we obviously are not going to make any immediate changes that would be substantial enough to change and already polluted system. Which obviously you can’t disagree with because we’re still discussing the reconciliation pac!!! People need help now, fuck all the policy bullshit, think outside the box and stop acting like your arguing for justice when you can’t see simplicity starring you in the face, I’m saying fucking help your fellow man, and stop trying to create arguments. if action is needed urgently and the system is meant to drag things on, try fucking another approach! Which like said as a suggestion, is we turn one another as community, stop following the herd and falling back into convoluted political bullshit, just fucking help whose ever next to you and build something substantial in the meantime as we collectively keep putting pressure TOGETHER!!! I could give damn about what the dollar is worth, but people are struggling now and that’s my concern. I’m say this one more time stop arguing over bullshit policy and being a righteous asshole, come together on social level help people with their needs and in turn if you need help, they will be there for you, an actual community, not competing with one another over a dollar. Eventually in the near future we grow in to force to be heard. We are fighting a rigged system that will take time to do dismantle, but in the meantime look out for your fellow citizens and together we could make difference. Mic drop

Why would you think I disagree with you? Why can’t it be that I’m providing proof to what I’m saying?
That I’m trying to get you out and do some of this stuff too, not just discuss among allies.

You have this resistance to accepting what I’m saying, and I’m telling you to go try it.
Seems juvenile right? Going around and picking fights. How else do you engage? How else can you find solutions if you know only what others tell you of your own adversary?

I’m trying to get you more active out there.
Speculation means nothing without experience.

That report on the Atlantic on the Doctor that helped on mRNA research is a roundhouse kick to the misguidance of Joe Rogan’s spin.

That rent moratorium was supposed to be compensated for lower interest rates, that’s why the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to 0%.
Trump screwed property owners, and that fact is a swift uppercut to the chin.

Banks did this during the Recession too, we bailed out the banks, and the banks still repossessed everything as if we didn’t just pay for everyone’s bills.
So that’s twice that banks screwed us in our lifetimes.
And, “Both Obama and Trump gave the banks incredibly wealth, and the banks screwed the people!” I know sounds uncouth but it rankles them when you put Obama and Trump together in the same category.
They hate it, you can call that roshambo.

When they blame Biden for the pandemic response, you can say something like “don’t blame others because you refuse to act” for a quick stun.

It’s called a rally, I need people to rally and engage the enemy. Their experience against real debate is jarring, eye opening for them. Because we usually are timid.

Apologies for being abrasive, I meant no disrespect.

Lol all behind us my man, in all honesty at that time I was dealing with multiple situations that were similar, and may have went a tiny overboard, but I have
nothin but love my guy. My perception has shifted as far as approach quite bit since then. :grin:

I just metaphorically black eyed somebody,
“How do I know Jeffrey Epstein likes them young? Because Donald Trump told me on national television. Get it?”

The official name for January 6th is “The Storm”.
That one is a WMD if you prime that one with the fact that Q Anonymous was behind the election fraud.

Be careful, those are dangerous techniques, use with caution and mind your safety. Keeping on social media is usually best, not sure what this will do in reality…

Happy hunting dragons.

Im trying to acquire power in the form of people, there are power in numbers, I just need to acquire it lol

You have to embolden them first. I don’t just troll and dominate, there’s 700 people in this group.
I have a friend that is a lawyer, and he enjoys my relentless pounding.
Not to mention morale of our adversaries are weakening.
But most importantly, I was invited by a friend, there must be 20 friends in this chat, but also, half the group is a friend of a friend.

Lead by example, show them the way.

Sounds good my man I’ll my best, the one thing I learned is its never a one size fit all, after multiple trial and failures I’ve come to learn true understanding takes patience and effort, fortunately and unfortunately I’m pretty plentiful in both categories lol

Tell me about it. I just joined my local Progressive FB chat group, and I am just as argumentative in there as I am in my nonpartisan group.

Trying to get everyone to come to terms with Sinema, trying to plead a case for Az Democrats to take the initiative and openly denounce Kyrsten despite what the Party wants.

Az Democrats see first hand the damage being done to the base for going along with this facade, and I believe I’ve hit some chords.

It took me a year to get to the level I am with Progressives, the discussion is relevant and thoughtful, and they listen and consider everything and you know how hard it can get to get along with me!

I love Progressives. I don’t know if TYT can help add to that pressure, but the WHOLE BASE is furious, but they’re having difficulties facing reality.

We need to get Az Dems to dodge the bullet that Sinema is sending. If Dems don’t denounce her, she will claim her actions as the Democrat’s, and the media is helping her get away with it.

Alright so I’ll be blunt I’ve pretty much washed my hands of house affiliated parties. In truth there are way to many question unanswered and shrouded in enigmatic response that genuinely leads nowhere, rather it’s always distraction of all sorts. Frankly I’m sick of it, so I’ve learned the hard way you help those that don’t want to be helped our to sensitive to omit based of pride, appealing to that is the only way I’ve seen things work in a positive influence. In sense guiding them to the answer rather than slapping them in face with it lol.

Then I raise you a question: how does one get movement toward action?

You say I’m argumentative, but the theater is behind rhetoric, but that doesn’t make it rhetorical.

I’ve added a second chat like I told you, and I think I might have been the one to trigger Gallego to action prematurely.
To be fair, I did say get the party to unanimously agree first… anyway, Az is in a tough spot right now, Az Dems did not unite under Gallego, to exacerbate the issue Mark Kelly has sided with Sinema… I want to say for no good reason except he has blinders on and thinks he needs her for election.

Az Dems are worried that Sinema might over shadow Kelly’s reelection campaign, and I think that’s why he’s siding with her… for image.

But that is extremely shortsighted, as if that’s the case he’s not seeing how volatile this situation obviously is.

The reason I promote engagement is because these debates would go a lot greater if it wasn’t 1vALL Progressive vs. EVERYONE.

That’s the situation out there, I’m exhausted keeping up engagement. Everyday because I fear the lack of activity will default my loss on the argument, attention lost, moment gone.

It gets redundant because no matter how many times I try, no one wants any part of it.

No one is backing me up in these chatrooms, but no one has been able to argue with me either.
This Progressive group is more important because they actually debate, and many group pages of Az Dems are here too and I do get arguments, believe me…
their solution is no solution however, and I keep pointing it out to them.
They can’t possibly think they can disguise Sinema as an uncorrupt politician, she made it her career to publicly shame her constituents!

End yet…

So what’s your suggestion then? (in jest dragon, the walls are caving in, and I joke when we’re about to lose all hope)