Impeach Biden

I can’t believe I am saying this, but we should #impeachBiden. In his current cognitive state, he is unfit to continue. Allowing Biden to continue doing the most stressful job, to be president, is elder abuse.

My grandmother is his age. She was the most intelligent and kind person I ever met, and she is in a nursing home. I love her so much! She showed signs of cognitive decline 4 years ago. She fluently spoke and taught in multiple languages, was a public school teacher, marched on Washington with MLK, etc. She can barely form a sentence. I love my grandmother, but I wouldn’t let her near the nuclear codes, and she’s anti-war:

What happened on that debate stage was clearly Sundowning. Even a literal parrot could have performed better at the debates. Even disregarding the fact that “democracy is in the line,” we cannot allow Biden to be elderly abused into doing the most stressful job in the country, if not the world.

If Biden will not allow an open convention, we need to demand decisive action from our representatives. At this point, Impeachment is not off the table. I think Mark Johnson and Kamala Harris need to seriously discuss using the 25th amendment. Perhaps this could be done in public at an impeachment hearing as to prevent Biden from interfering.

I voted for Biden in 2020. If he is the nominee, I will unfortunately vote for him in 2024 because I live in Pennsylvania, a critical swing state.

Trump is as deranged as King George III. If we hope to defeat him in November, we CANNOT nominate Biden. We need to take extreme evasive maneuvers. The American people would rather choose a madman who might fumble heading towards the iceberg than a deadman who cannot steer. The American people should not have to choose between a madman and a deadman.


They should perform drug tests before debates to look for not only illicit drugs but specifically for uppers and performance-enhancing type drugs but also dementia and Alzheimer’s medications and the like. I was always under the impression that a vote for anyone but Biden was essentially a vote for Trump, but now I’m willing to take the chance. To be honest, and I NEVER thought I’d say this, but RFK, Jr. is actually looking like the best alternative. Just my thoughts. :woman_shrugging:

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Look, since 1968, there has been a consistent pattern. If the left is divided, they lose. If they are united, they win.

I love Senator Sanders, but he needs to stay in the senate. He is a crucial vote, and I worry about the Republican governor filling his spot. I also think he doesn’t want to do such at this time.

I think the best pick might be to nominate Al Gore. He actually had the election stolen from him. He’s a solid pick! Kennedy might drop out as a compromise on dropping Biden as he indicated on TMZ.

Either way, we need to unite the progressive and moderate vote as a coalition in at least swinging and leaning states.

Trump doesn’t need a majority to win a state. He only needs a plurality.

Whatever we do, it has to be all together. And, currently, we are currently not together under Biden.


Since the impeachment would not be for crimes and misdemeanors but for a significant brain health impairment, impeachment isn’t the vehicle that works . 25. Amendments would. But good luck with Kamala signing it.


He definitely should be removed via the 25th Amendment, but I agree with you @born59 there’s no way Kamala or his Cabinet would sign off on it.

I think our best shot is getting him to either drop out or be kicked off the ticket. Maybe that should become one of our priorities again — turning “” into a page about why he needs to drop out?


I think mobilizing via is a good idea.
I had thoughts regarding Biden’s Inner Circle:
Have a psychological expert who’s familiar with dementia issues, talk to the family. The family needs to work through denial and grief.
Power hungry Jill and Hunter not wanting to lose his Golden Goose may be one of their motivations but it also could be the process of dealing with grief and pain, emotions that are suppressed by denial.
Neurologists need to speed up publicly!
Yes, the Goldwater rule…… but: a Neurologist can see that Biden’s behavior is not normal. We don’t need an exact diagnosis but a neurologist can determine that the affliction is progressive.


Biden has done NOTHING to merit impeachment. There are provisions in the Constitution for dealing with the incapacity of a President.
Sections 3 and 4 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment specifically address this circumstance.


Unfortunately, I highly doubt Kamala will do 25th amendment.

Maybe someone sue Jill and Hunter for elder abuse? lol idk

Maybe you could make the case he is being emotionally bribed? Idk

We got to do something.


I’m in agreement with you. RFK, Jr. was not in my radar but I am now leaning towards him. My preference would have been Marianne Williamson, but I think that her chances of winning are slim. Biden dementia is evident. He is good at reading a teleprompter and even then, has his slip ups. Even though he did not keep his campaign promises, except for a highly modified few, I would have voted for him if it meant keeping his rival from winning POTUS. I in good conscious can’t vote for someone who is in a significant cognitive decline.


I agree biden should be removed via the 25th amendment.

you can think he should be removed via the 25th amendment or you can be voting for him in november if he’s the dems nominee but I don’t understand holding both positions.

if you believe Biden is mentally unable to do the job don’t vote for him. make them provide a better candidate next time if we can’t change this one

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I love (and relate to) your name! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Pamela maybe easier to persuade than the republicans of whom we would need a certain percentage to get it though.
My guess is that republicans will show a unified front not to vote for 25. Amendment because for Trump running against a dementia sufferer is the easiest game.

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Will there be a next time if Trump is allowed back in? He’s full a full sim on the path of authoritarian dictator status.


That’s why we desperately need to get Biden out and get someone viable in.


solid point but i think two things are important to remember.

first thing trump is still an addled brained idiot that can’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag. so as evil as he is, the cia, fbi, and supreme court will not allow him to take power away from them because they are nearly as addicted to it as he is.

second thing to remember is that if they run joe biden it is inevitable that trump will win and there’s nothing you or i can do about it. so why not send a message to our party to do better and be better or they will continue to lose power. we will not get better from them if we keep voting for gradually worse and worse candidates.


would be nice

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