Imperial Rule, and what we fight against

I was raised under the flag of the Empire.
I am the height of Imperial Doctrine:
The Drug War.
Enforced labor.
Children being seen and not heard.

Two children doesn’t free you from your standard 80 hours per week. Those are your own mistakes that no one else should have had to deal with but the people that make such bad decisions.
Not even family is exempt, all are subject to law and order.

Duty and honor are all that matters, and freedom is a luxury very few ever have the privilege of experiencing.

You must earn your place and you must prove yourself fit or else you are worthless.

Speak only when spoken to.
Wait for permission, and don’t ever assume yourself above judgement.
Not even Christ was above crucifixion.

This is what loyalty means, undying and unquestioned loyalty.
To be beaten and broken so the foundation may be strong and unyielding.
To build the future on the sacrifices of many to service the few.
For the Empire.