"Independence" Day

Fireworks will be starting soon. I like right across the street from my city’s show, so it’s about to be noisy.

I did not feel celebratory today.

So I wrote this…

Rethinking Democracy: Power to the People, Literally


:clap::clap::clap: I would point out my favorite parts, but that would require me to basically just copy and paste the whole thing! (I didn’t realize until I clicked on the link that this was you. :woman_facepalming::joy::heart:) Bowman/Knapp 2024!

Awww, shucks. :blush:

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Outstanding! Very Inciteful and articulated in a plain, powerful fashion. I look forward to reading the other items on that menu. The parody handbook for authoritarian leaders and their subjects looks super promising.


Reviews would be greatly appreciated: