Internet rumor 2023

Hi gang. I got some upsetting news this morning and I wanted to bring something to your attention.

There’s an ugly internet rumor that Cenk got 21 million from Sorros in 2017 as a donation. I have a screenshot of the supposed donation with further information. Can you please dispel this claim please. I believe in my heart this is not true.

21 million right down the dran.

Hahaha :joy: I bet he wishes. I mean, Soros is not Elon Musk, he has a mind, priorities, he’s not cuckoo for cocoa puffs

Where is the screenshot then?

Are you insinuating you have knowledge of proof a crime was committed? Why are you posting here you should take this to the authorities?

I love the idea you could be a fan of TYT and think the guy giving out 3 month family leave is the rich miser whom you can’t trust.

Your standard for proof seems low.

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