Is majority of US public just don’t care, unaware, or assimilated to the point of ignorance?

I truthfully have to ask myself every time I step outside, look at how miserable our citizens have become both in spirit and attitude, why we continue to follow this blatantly unfair and biased system? I mean how long as a collective public, after seeing how all the nuances pile up from manipulation of legislation, strategies to put one another against each other over irrelevant topics leading to a state of oppression. The lack of opportunities available have only increased in a growing population for the working class, while individuals who are nominated as so called representatives act really important iconic leaders while they line there pockets and feed us fake empathetic lies to appeal to emotion. Basically forgetting why or how we systematically arrived here to begin with it and burning( literally burning) the history explaining it. It’s only getting worse to the point of continual violence for illogical reasoning trying to make sense of what’s what. We have the answers, we the lies, we see the poverty, and we who’s profiting while other suffer. They robbing us of life and replacing it with work and stress instead(sound familiar). They dress as wax 4 course meal make it look appetizing, but it has no sustenance, when will those who are blind see or are they forever doomed to walk in the dark? People are living paycheck to paycheck, or even getting a paycheck, while other just open their phone and check stocks or some other scheme to hoard money. Eventually this national crisis will merge with all the moment it’s built up and cause devastation, not only here but globally. I mean to work an entires day work just full up one tank of gas much less pay mortgage. If you can see this disaster coming your blind, please open the eyes of others, or at least the ones possibly willing to look.

I feel that.
It seems to me that so many people are working so much just to get by, they don’t have time (don’t prioritize time) to deal with the issues you bring up. They want to keep getting by, because if they don’t who knows what happens?
As for voting, it really seems like conservatives and neoliberals are able to get away with these single issue campaigns: “If you don’t vote for me, X.” Society votes out of fear. For Biden, for example, it was Trump being president again. For Trump and conservatives, it’s illegal immigrants and wokeness taking what’s rightfully yours.
I’m honestly at a loss for how to proceed. My best bet is more and more of us striking. But who takes the hit financially? I thought we had a good opportunity with the NBA, but Obama couldn’t let that happen. It’s the least amount of people having a large scale effect on the establishment, and done by workers who can afford to take the financial hit. Unfortunately, they are not impacted the way normal working people are and might not be as urgent. Gotta help make those connections for them. I don’t know.

Well said my guy I’m at a lost to, it’s truthfully is hard to fight against something you’ve been indoctrinated with our entire lives. I wish I could the blind some vision, we all want to see an experience the world, and at time when we have not only the technology, but frankly the curiosity, to held back by the very people who are suppose to represent you is crucial blow to trusting others. Unfortunately we as humans remember things that hurt us and engrave it into our ideology as to not experience it again, it’s propaganda natural selection edition smh. and I agree with you on the nationwide scale, but we would have to first establish a pool of public funds for those to support their families, which means the slightly higher to middle wage would have to take the brunt of it and really trust in the cause, which I don’t think is feasible in today’s economy. Well where there’s a will there’s a way, and I know damn well I didn’t survive covid to not live lol

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