Is this propaganda or not?

I feel like I’m losing my mind. Not the greatest way to begin, but hopefully it’s attention grabbing.

Please go to the Twitter account of

@ericAbbenante or @jimmy_dore (Jimmy shared Eric’s post 7 hours ago)

You will find a Tweet “In a remarkable PBS documentary, the January 6th committee admits the entire thing was a publicity stunt / fabricated TV production meant to manipulate the audience. Which is why they brought in the former president of ABC News [James Goldston].”

Watch the attached video. It’s only 2 minutes 25 minutes long.

Do you think that video is fake???

My gut instinct tells me yes, absolutely, that video is without question a fake. Frontline would never release a series that took years to produce only to destroy all credibility moving forward.


Because here’s the thing…

If it IS fake, Right Wingers are falling for easily the most convincing propaganda I’ve ever seen.

Please, just watch.

The series the video is referencing is “Democracy on Trial” by Frontline PBS, about January 6 and the aftermath. You can find it on YouTube.

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You already know the answer to that. Lies from the republicans.


If Jimmy Dore reposted it, it’s bullshit.


What video are you talking about? I don’t see a link in your post that takes me to a video, unless you are referencing the Frontline series, which I don’t have the time to see again.

I found several security problems dealing with Twitter. I will not visit their website. I searched YouTube to no avail.

If you suspect it as propaganda it most likely is given Jimmy is trash at scrutinizing information.