Israel seems to have waived it’s “right to defend itself” in one super critical instance by ignoring specific warnings of the attack being planned by Hamas prior to October 7

When we try to understand the impetus of the all-out level of murderous assault of Gaza, it seems critically important to address the facts laid out in an NYT expose that thoroughly and thoughtfully details the ignorance and even suppression of reports from field operatives that had witnessed actual rehearsals for the attack. While it remains unclear how far up the chain of command those reports were conveyed, one of the excuses for ignoring warnings was that IDF decision makers thought that Hamas was not sophisticated enough to pull off an attack of the magnitude that it did. Isn’t this the same Hamas that is rhetorically portrayed as wanting to Israel and all of tis citizens from existence and is a credible threat to do so? To quote Cenk’s multiple utterances of this question on multiple topics, “So which is it?”
TYT has not covered this topic as far as I’ve noticed. If it has, I’d be interested to see it, if it hasn’t, I like to know why. I’m feeling a little gaslit about it, sort of like, “Wait, did I just imagine that I read that article? Surely TYT would have given at least passing reference to it”.

This isn’t entirely accurate. It appears the Egyptians went on a 3 month campaign to warn Israel and Bibi directedly. It would appear they never got to meet with them, however they met with people close to him.

I am not sure I follow the rest of your argument.

There is an axiom in sports that can be applied universally: Never Underestimate your Opponents. Now, this is only my opinion, but in this context, there are only two reasons why you would underestimate your opponent. One is sheer arrogance, and the second is so you would have an excuse for your slaughter. I think there was more of the latter at play than the former. Believe me, I am no expert, but that is my opinion.

A month late, a buck short. That’s pretty much my point in pleading with someone to ask the question I posed in my post. I mean how could you NOT make such a connection between the events of the attack on 10/7 and the vicious, cruel, torturous murder and humiliation whose objective is ONLY to wipe out an entire population based on who they are. However intentionally allowed or not, the Hamas attack was custom made for Netanyahu because he sure wanted that excuse, guess he was getting bored with a longer-term torment of Palestinians and wanted to bring out the big toys that Joe “Red Line” Biden is so happy to provide them at our expense and to defense contractors’ delight.