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Halloween is coming up!!! :jack_o_lantern: :ghost: :skull: :spider: :black_cat: One of the things I love to do throughout the month of October is watch my favorite scary movies. However, the scariest thing to watch right now is the power that the main stream media (โ€œMSMโ€) has to promote their own bias and propaganda! :scream: Unfortunately, there is a not so small percentage of Americans who have basically become zombies :zombie: or seemed to have been put under the Imperious Curse :magic_wand: by the MSM - they just believe what they read and watch without doing their own research. :scream:

If you are among those who do want to know the actual facts, and enjoy delving in and doing the research, then Task Force :two: is the place for you!!! :bulb::thinking_face: :nerd_face: :writing_hand::skin-tone-3: :book:

TF:two: is all about doing research on issues that are often misrepresented in the MSM, and calling it out while also getting the truth out to the public. If this is your thing, then TF:two: is the place for you! :sleuth_or_spy: :male-detective: :female-detective::skin-tone-3:

Help us exorcise the spirit possessing the MSM and get the facts out to the people by joining TF:two:!

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I think itโ€™s funny how people demonize the โ€œmainstream mediaโ€ as a blanket term that includes outlets like AP, the BBC, Reuters, AFP and then laud independent news as the one and only source of truth when independent media like Breitbart, The Daily Wire, The GrayZone and Rebel News exists.

My common conception of MSM is of major general broadcasters: NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX,CBS. (All can still be accessed free on public airwaves and their reach is indisputable.)

Breitbart, The Daily Wire, The GrayZone and Rebel News? They lack the basic credibility to be considered media. They are Questionable, at best, right with oann newsmax and fox newZertainment shows. The msm NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX,CBS, AP, the BBC, Reuters, AFP, msnbc, cnn etc, are reliably factual, but have other tricks and blind spots/prejudices, that piss me off. TYT isnโ€™t perfect but I get insights that do not exist elsewhere, and they are clearly on my side as an average person in the USofA. I like some, someโ€ฆ PBS as well. Amanpour has interesting guests. And then there is always The Man - Dr. Rashad Richey - INDISPUTABLE!! and my peeps in Dragon Squad. TYT feels like a better home.