Joy! eGFR

My eGFR has gone from 2 to 53. Yay! (Ok, well it took 3 years, but still, it surprised the doctors!)


That is great news, I am so happy! To go from 2 (very scary!) to 53 is absolutely amazing You are almost within the “normal range” now, right? How are you feeling?

Yes, normal starts at 60. I’m feeling a lot better than when I had to be on dialysis, that’s for sure! I’m feeling A LOT better than I had been. There’s still work to do, but a recovery such as mine is apparently unheard of.


That’s amazing, you’re amazing! I’m glad to hear you are feeling so much better. Please keep us posted. If you don’t mind my asking, what is the problem with your kidneys?

That’s actually a very good question. No one knows. Mysteriously, my kidneys just stopped working. I had none of the usual symptoms, none of the usual underlying conditions. They just stopped. I gained a lot of weight but I thought it was emotional. Then all of a sudden, I knew I had to go to the hospital instead of the Urgent Care place I’d initially asked my SIL to take me to. She called an ambulance. I actually walked out to it. At the hospital they took lots of measurements and asked me to do things. Like stand and hold out my hands. Apparently, I should not have been able to do any of that much less be conscious and not shaking.In fact, I should have been dead. This was during Covid so that made things worse. I ended up staying there for over 3 weeks. I had dialysis 5 times, then medication which I finished at home. A friend of mine calls it “ideopathic kidney failure.”

They still don’t know what caused the shut down. Nor how I am managing to do so well now. The problem with medicine is that biology is so very complex and our understanding of it so incomplete.


That’s terrifying! I am so glad your body is healing! You are absolutely right, our understanding of the human body, while a bit better than the leeching days, is so limited. Please keep us posted on your progress. I’m here if you ever need to talk, vent, or whatever I can do to help. :heart:

Good for you! ( for everybody who doesn’t know, it’s the filtration rate of the kidneys. I know how you feel, it feels like a miracle. Got myself from stage 3 chronic kidney disease to almost normal by laying off Non Stereoidal Anti Inflammatory meds ( Ibuprofen, Diclofenac).
Keep going!


Oh yes, I can’t take those either. On the other hand, I never did take them very much to begin with. It is so cool that you got to almost normal! Awesome!

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That’s amazing, good for you! How are you feeling now?

Feeling pretty good. But had to resort to a regimen of 3,5 mg Diclofenac every 3-4 days for arthritis pain. In September I have a test, will see if kidneys tolerate that amount. Also getting 3x a year steroid pain injections into the spine; that allows me for about a month to be completely off Diclofenac.
Last time, I stop Diclofenac completely, the kidneys recovered very quickly.
Diet wise I avoid processed meat, minimize any processed food and of course don’t consume soft drinks.


Oh geez, that’s a lot! I hope the new dosage works for both your arthritis and your kidneys. Please keep us posted with how you are doing. :heart: