Keeping composure in the presence of awful

I genuinely want to know how do people keep their cook when confronted with the presence of horrible individuals. My blood was boiling as soon as I heard Boerberts voice. I aspire to get into management one day, but I just don’t know how im suppose to sit and talk with awfulness like hers.

Don’t go into management. You’ll get kicked from above AND below. I’m a union worker (flight attendant) and being protected by a contract that protects my dignity (while having decent pay as well) is valuable to me.
Also, when employers come up with schemes that are bad for workers, ( they will), you don’t have to suffer the cognitive dissonance that comes with having to implement policies that you may not agree with. As a union worker, I enjoy the solidarity that comes with being brothers and sisters. In management, it’s lonely and scary. Your best pal may stab you in the back to get that promotion.