Kotek will be Oregon's Governor

As a GenX progressive in a covid-induced multi-generational household, I find that political discussions among family are increasingly fruitful. While I often credit my mom for instilling the values that make me progressive as of years ago, she has a harder time seeing through establishment norms in the Democratic party. My convictions are often mistaken for irrational cynicism. Gentle persuasion is necessary, not to convince her of progressive ideals, but to expose the internal corruption without losing her to hopelessness.

My stepdad is a new progressive democrat, pushed away from the Republican party by its insanity leading up to 2016. He consumes more traditional media than anyone else in our house, but that’s tempered by his distrust of campaign finance and dangerous rhetoric. Also, our family does engage in political discussion. Nobody is left alone in their thoughts when surrounded by people who are willing to have honest debate, and discuss how each personal decision has come about.

It certainly helps that the party is more progressive in Oregon. Having said that, we live in a part of rural Oregon that was DeFazio’s district my whole life. The redistricting suddenly ripped us from that place this year and left us fighting in a more conservative district instead. Our county came dangerously close to joining Oregon Republicans in their push toward expanding Idaho’s border; however, overall, solidarity with the majority of Oregonians is strengthened with the election results this day.

Regarding the gubernatorial race, Tina Kotek was nowhere near the most progressive candidate, but was the most popular and represents a decent compromise. We are fully behind her, and confident that media spin about the general election holds little weight.

Betsy Johnson has TOO MUCH money for her campaign already, and she has played too much of it on air. Both my parents laughed out loud when Republicans mentioned that they have TWO democrats against them in the general. Betsy Johnson does not represent democrats in Oregon. She represents huge money interests, and Oregonians are particularly tribal when it comes to making decisions in our state.

It’s my prediction that Johnson will mainly split the Republican vote. Oregon is nowhere near leaning into her BS when they have a viable candidate in the former speaker. Johnson’s smear campaign, started even before the primary, has shown her hand as an outside force seeking to influence Oregon’s electorate with big money and big lies. Had she lay in wait, let the primary play out while keeping low, she might have been less obvious, but democrat voters already see her as equivalent to a conservative propaganda machine. Her ads will continue through coming months and we’ll continue to spit back at the screen. We are used to having to fight against out-of-state groups seeking to manipulate us, sometimes even the federal government. Critical thinking is our greatest ally.

The idea that Oregon has any chance of losing governorship to Republicans, is an unfounded rumor sown by Oregon Republicans. They are, fortunately, out of their freaking minds on this one. Kotek will lead our state in coming years, and that is abundantly clear.

Gad Zook

aka Anecdotal, ROLLorDRAW


Thanks for the run down. I just moved to Portland from California last fall and am trying to catch up on politics here. Found some pnw people on tiktok that talk local politics.