Lauren Boebert or motorboat?

Lauren Boebert wants you to know that escorts can mean more than one thing, and that “pay to play” is used in more places than just prostitution.

It’s just unfortunate that it involves hotels and Ted Cruz, a man that’s known to phone bank for the man that calls his wife ugly, comparing her to one of Melania’s friends.

Let that sink in.

So Lauren, you keep saying you’re not selling yourself, but you talk the language, you got the looks, and you’ve shown that you’ll do anything for politics, and while I am disgusted at you for a lot of things, this is hardly on my list.

Capitalizing on what your mama gave you is nothing to be ashamed of, and if you’re willing to swallow your pride for Ted Cruz, then all I hope is that he’s paying you enough.
But honey, he’s from Texas, how much could he possibly be paying you? The only thing big over there is their problems and their talk.
I suppose Ted is a Senator, and it’s hard to get them to listen, right Lauren? Must be real hard considering Ted never sees his wife.
Probably out there getting her husband’s “endorsement” from Trump.
Need to make sure everyone is happy.
And Melania’s friends don’t last long.

I am actually impressed, going after the big fish, dignity be damned, that’s the sign of a go getter!
He paid extra for you to swallow, you earned it, and I don’t begrudge hard working Americans earning their keep.
Way to take one for the team Representative Borbert, Colorado is lucky to have you.