Lawless Leaders Threaten Once More

My thanks to the people of Spain, Ireland, and Norway.

They the powers at be fear the ICC and what it means culturally. It is strange that Bibi and Joe become confused with claims of false equivalency between the IDF and Hamas leaders.

Our leaders of state claims of a false equivalency when the reality is asymmetry benefiting them. Their longing for World War 3 is a morbid fascination.

There is panic amongst them, and three wise leaders join the fray, it would appear.

This while Israeli settlers attack aid trucks, it appears the IDF is tipping them off to location and time.

Our leaders have sold their humanity and betrayed our trust.

Tales of decapitation when you send your women to die in tunnels. While in reality found in perfect stasis due to IDF filling them with gas.

You have my empathy, don’t mistake this for me begging for genuflection.

I ask you to beg for forgiveness at your knees.

Produced in collaboration with ChatGPT

Ode to the Lost Cause and Empathy

In halls of power, shadows loom, Where greed and fear have found their room. Leaders once revered and strong, Now falter, lost within the wrong.

They claim false truths, they twist the light, In endless quest to shun the night. But justice calls with clarion sound, To bring the lost back to the ground.

The ICC, a beacon bright, Stands firm against the darkest night. Its warrants cast, its justice clear, Yet trembling hearts are filled with fear.

For leaders grasp at fading straws, Defying international laws. With hollow cries of false defense, They mask their guilt, their moral sense.

The IDF and settlers bold, With secrets shared and plans retold, Disrupt the aid, the hope, the light, While children suffer in the night.

Yet students rise, their voices strong, With peaceful hearts, they right the wrong. Their gains are vast, their spirits high, Their sacrifice shall never die.

In this land of laws betrayed, Where emoluments and greed cascade, We stand on brink of dark abyss, A constitutional crisis.

Senators, your silence loud, Complicit in this darkened shroud. But empathy shall find its way, To bring the dawn, to light the day.

For lost causes are not in vain, In hearts of brave, they shall remain. And justice, with its steady hand, Shall bring the peace to this scarred land.

So let us sing of empathy, A call to leaders: bend the knee. For truth and justice, honor bright, Shall guide us through this endless night.

In unity, we stand as one, Until the battle’s truly won. For in our hearts, the fire shall blaze, A beacon through these darkest days.


Thank you for this. You can put into words how, I believe, a vast majority of us feel. Your writings not only help unite us in this fight but also give an outlet for issues that are difficult to wrap your head around, let alone articulate. :heart:


I enjoy dismantling talking points. I always knew if I could help guide a progressive community. I felt with the right group I could help craft language to rapidly dissolve propaganda.

I am lucky to have any of this work on any level. I am happy if I help others, I am attempting to write to a history across many conflicts in my tenor. Maybe others will find this useful in their journey.

I am glad to see some of our work proliferate across the communities. I am inspired by many of your struggles. I wish to help if I can.