Lessons in the Force

The Force is all around us.
It is in the rock, for it is affected by mass and gravity.
The tree draws life from the Life Force around it, from air and sunshine all the way down to soil nutrients and moisture content.

It is all connected, we are all connected, and the Force manifests in many ways, almost as if it is guided by a strange and mysterious omnipotent being, an all powerful force guiding everything and yet nothing, all at once.

And much like life, the Force is complicated in nature, and we as sentients must adapt to the ebbs and flows of our environment.
No matter what you pursue, life is complicated, simplifying anything is never as easy as it seems, for everything is affected by everything, everywhere, all at once.

I built my AR-15, and I feel like a real man.
The quality in my craftsmanship and smithing considerations earns my alpha title along with accompanying proficiency and expertise.

An AR-15 is not unlike running a restaurant.
Front of house (upper), back of house (lower), and the cycling of food from kitchen to table, with follow up reaction of water checks, prompt bills, and prebussing.

There are just as many parts in a gun as there are in a business, or as many systems on a car or sports plane, or as many parts to going about your daily lives.

Just as many parts to home ownership, maintenance and repair of utilities, construction, and updating.

Just as many parts to finance, preparing loans to minimize impact on credit, optimizing your income, staying in the black on the ledger.
Even good investments require a quick once over to make sure everything is properly oiled and running smoothly.

Science is the discovery of God.

Adam bit the apple, blamed it on Eve, and ever since we’ve been kicked out of Heaven, men have been blaming women for everything we do!
And how else are we going to know the Divine Truths denied to us if we do not take seriously the Creations our supposed Creator has left behind?

We should be accepting all of God’s Creations exactly as they were intended to be, for the identity belongs to the Creation, and the creation will always belong to the creator.
Even Jesus saved Mary Magdalene over women’s right to choose.
Didn’t care who you were, accepted you willingly and unconditionally, even the people that murdered Him.

The Jedi are the embodiment of rhetorical mumbo jumbo.
Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Socrates created two generations of philosophy;
Galileo, closest to God than any church during that time by opening his eyes and considering the beauty of Creation, secretly cared for the sanctity of scientific discovery, while Sir Isaac Newton did it in the Name of God.
Tom Cruise showed us what the power of the Samurai can do to the soul, and what it means to be a Navy Ace.
Morgan Freeman is Yoda to us all.

And now you know Padawan, why you don’t always need your lightsaber everywhere you go.

You can always build another one, there is always another crystal to be found.

All you have to do is reach within.

The Force will be with you, always.

What is duty?

Duty is obligation to a greater whole.
It means fulfilling your responsibility to the people you belong to, to do your part and contribute your effort for a better life and you can’t have even a good life in solitude.

What is the purpose?

Honor is upholding the values of your duty as if your character were infused to the morals that represent it.
Not just, men have to compete to ensure our duties withstand doubt, and compare just as attractive as the popular alternatives.

That duty, for men, must be synonymous with the names that claim to hold them, and men, when dealing with solemn morals, know that even though no one is looking, dishonor still stains the soul regardless.

What is the point, if there is anytime at all to disregard your faith?
It means it is not absolute.
It shows weakness in virtue and conviction.

For masculinity, our duty is protecting the women and children.
Protecting means keeping them safe, keeping them safe means they must also feel safe!

They must feel protected: their bodies, their minds, and their identities. Whatever they offer to the World, it is our duty, bound by honor, to protect the safety of our creators and successors.

They are our future, and they are the ONLY thing that matters.

We work together, settle differences, overcome our own arrogance in order to add to the strength of our defenses, to ensure the survival AND SAFETY of ours, those close to them, their neighbors, and the next thing you know, you’ll be defending the whole damn world: women, children, the brethren that fight by our sides, and the support that turns the gears of war on our behalf.

For the loyalty our people put in us, we must always look to find better ways for both ourselves and our culture.
So our people may become stronger, in the case of our absence, and ensure our survival and prosperity long after our time has passed.
It is a desire for immortality, it is them that will carry our names to glory, in memory and song.

I learned the most profound lessons of military command under the leadership of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the USS Enterprise-D, my service training was with the United Federation of Planets on a galaxy class starship, training that helped me throughout my life when it came to team cohesion, good management, the responsibility of caring for your subordinates, and how your behavior matters outside the uniform as much as it does donning on the Starfleet Insignia.

To boldly go where no one has gone before, in peace.

My duty is to serve, on my honor as a Starfleet Officer.
The duty is a pleasure, the honor is mine.

The Clones of the Old Republic were exactly the same way.
Their honor and duty was with the Jedi, and not even absolute betrayal would be enough to absolve the Determination Immortal of reconciling your failures and restoring your honor!

Picard left the Borg, Vader was brought back to the light, Commander Rex has saved more Jedi than anyone after Order 66.

For the Federation
For democracy.
For the Republic.

For honor and duty.

Live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you.

They invade our space, and we fall back,
assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back.
Not again.
The line must be drawn here, this far, no further.
And I will make them pay for what they have done.

The culture will adapt to service us, the People.
Resistance is futile.

What is a crystal that powers the weapon of a Jedi?

Crystalization is the ordering of molecules, a network working in concert to exist in the most efficient manner.
The crystal is a structure, it forms during the cooling phase, as the energy of heat leaves, contraction happens, pulling in closer and more tightly the molecules eventually creating geometry and prism.

Much depth in the crystal itself, to be able to arrange itself in such a way that requires less energy than the substance can provide by collectively exerting power necessary to efficiently supply the force required to maintain integrity.

So where does that saved energy go?

It is the same with life, as you become more proficient, you are able to create for yourself a metaphorical lattice, to rely on your system to do what others normally do, but in a more efficient and/or expedient manner.
The lattice is our practices, finding better ways to do the same things, hopefully devoid of any detrimental consequences, but overall improving methods, and in turn freeing ourselves to do more because we have minimized the routine through update and upgrade.

Business tries to emulate, but while the employer will often try to use mutual labor as justification of working just as hard as the employees, earning their keep, it does not address the fact that even though they put in as much as everyone else, owners’ compensation comparison is not applicable if the employees’ compensation isn’t sufficient enough to even survive.

The people have no luxuries, owners have countless.
Can’t even earn our way up to living wages, can’t even have reasonable housing rates, can’t even have a convenient healthcare system to encourage good health; in fact quite the opposite.

My crystalization reaches far and wide, consideration and understanding, and I believe the final stage is communicating effectively comprehension to other fellow synapses in the collective of human consciousness.

We are all connected, but connection through communication is not the only way synapses can effectively exchange signals.
There is also institution, family tradition, and culture. Our evolutions of intellect was not without foundation, building blocks of mental bridges to reach each other, whether across the aisle or across the border.

Gets complicated with multiple languages, cultures, and lets not get started on families.

Good, at least we agree on something.
Crystalization is not always perfect, you’re most likely not a blood diamond, in fact, there’s no reason to assume you’re from a place of geometry at all.
That would mean you and your family are close, and that your family has no black sheep to hide, and your environment is free from threats both physical and social.

Perfect geometry.
That is what the Jedi are constantly trying to attune to.
It can be annoying, as we are always trying to be helpful, resourceful, or otherwise seemingly trying to get in your business all the time!
We’re just curious, Jedi are all about figuring out forces.
It is our way.

There is no emotion, only peace.
There is no ignorance, only knowledge.
There is no passion, only serenity.
There is no chaos, only harmony.

It means in times of the former, the latter will show you the way.
If you are too emotional, ignorant, passionate or chaotic how will you find the solution to your problems?
It will disrupt the formation of your lattice, impurities that will break geometry and uniformity.

The Jedi are the embodiment of rhetorical mumbo jumbo.
May the “Force” be with you.

In Starfleet, we are taught to think critically at all times, even if it is in regards to science fiction physics.

I understand warp technology as well as any theorist, where Dark Matter takes the limelight, those of us that have studied antimatter laugh at how civilization is finally beginning to take consideration.

Gene Roddenberry was a connoisseur of diplomacy, military strategy, and the future of economic development.
He created the medical bed, the principles of the tricorder is how we look at diagnostics, communications and GPS tracking.

I’m studying aviation right now and I’m starting to understand where the genius came up with engineering policy. it is in consideration to the craft of aerodynamics, redundancy in safety and power management.
that’s what people like Montgomery Scott and Geordi La Forge is always complaining about.

Life is no different, and I am an officer of the fleet, whether on board a starship of the line or starship Earth.

Science is the discovery of God, the Jedi are all about understanding forces, and the Star Trek isn’t some fantasy, it is a treasure map to the future of humanity.

I am a Starfleet Officer, live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you.

Oh, you think you’re so smart up there in Engineering, skipping satellites like stones across the lake using the gravity of gas giants’ celestial bodies as another ricochet point off an atmospheric surface and straight on passed the system!

You think you’re so cool with your amazing precision across the vast scale of outerspace that you think yourselves such hot shit, that you’ll spit warp theory through Scottish accents and returned Russian accents with just as much consideration to warp core integrity, the theoretical physics of, and expect the Star Trek audience to understand your “Science Fiction”.

Supercool, since antimatter, artificial gravity generators, and shield harmonics. Do you have any idea what that deflector dish is for?
I used to own a copy of the schematics for the USS Enterprise-D, galaxy class starship with 42 decks reaching over 600 meters in length.

You guys are barely on superyachts.

This is how I view Dark Matter:

Imagine a star about to nova. First, there is implosion, matter super condensing into a dense tension of compressed atoms that once ignition sparks will release cosmic energy out in all directions to equalize the pressure from a single point.

Dark Matter, like the energy of a Blackhole, sucks in all the space around it, building up pressure until it is finally released in one immediate reaction.

In Star Trek, they called it antimatter, and you could generate this phenomenon from a dilithium crystal, between two nacelles of a spacecraft. The generation of antimatter is momentary, as too much antimatter at once will cause damage to the ship with extreme shockwaves.
much like a piston, the warp core generates the antimatter field, releases it, and the resulting shockwave propels the ship faster than light across the vacuum of space.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.
There’s science fiction, then there’s Gene Roddenberry, a prophet beyond his time, his fantasies were grounded in physics.

He came up with the idea of medical beds.
We’re not even at his level yet, we can’t X-ray from the bed yet, we can’t even complete a full diagnostic on such a bed yet as Roddenberry envisioned, but we DO know we have the capability.

Photon Torpedoes!
The deflector dish is based off of the physics of gravity!
It’s that deflector technology that Roddenberry based the shield technology used by Federation ships!
The warp core is based off utilizing antimatter to produce the energy needed to travel safely at incredible speeds!

Star Trek is the reason you don’t make fun of nerds!

That’s the difference.

Galactic bumpkins, WTF do you think you know about lightsabers?
You know that Disney can’t keep their fucking story straight.

And trying to recreate the same results using gas plasma doesn’t even come close to the technology of a solid beam of light.

From my discussions on the matter, that energy blade is produced by creating a polarization field that creates a point of conductivity a set distance from it’s original point, in this case around 30 inches.

Like electricity, the beam ignites when the circuit is closed, which can be done through this generation of a magnetic polar emitted from the source in the hilt.
The field is focused, shooting in a beam straight out of the blade emitter.

The circuit is closed, and the energy flows.
Through the kaiber crystal, light is fed into a geometric pattern that magnifies the intensity as it reflects off each facet until it reaches the polarization field, where it meets the magnetic field and accelerates the light between polar opposites, igniting the space between the two points with a solid beam of light.

We’re being scanned!
We better get our shit together soon!
We don’t even have flying cars yet!
We’re competing Space X with dildos!
The greatest accomplishment to date is flying a drone on Mars!
Our last space force was thwarted by copyright infringement!
Not looking good people, not looking good.

If we’re talking about the galactic core region, where they’ve been around longer than us, it stands to reason that this anomaly is coming from a space vessel, the radio transmissions the result of sophisticated scanning equipment to ensure a clear jump.

Those jumps were coming in our direction, and that’s why the signal gets stronger, because it’s traveling, it doesn’t appear to come from the same spot, only the strength of that signal can really determine a perspective distance.

They’re still too far away to notice anything like us, but we see them, zipping around the galaxy with their warp drives.

One day, as soon as we take care of these flat earthers.

“Unknown objects at the heart of the Milky Way are beaming radio signals, then mysteriously disappearing”

That illustration looks like a warp capable civilization.
Those bursts, look like the first attempts of a society trying to colonize.
Once you have warp capable ships, and are able to locate habitable celestial bodies, the eager over populated star system will set forth across the stars to pioneer new lives for their people, and provide much needed expansion and commerce for their homeworld.

Right off the bat I’m going to tell you a lightsaber is tuned to the builder, master blades tune to the wielder as we see in Visions, but that bond is grown, and once a saber is bonded, it is tuned, and any future wielder must be similarly tuned in such a way to synchronize with the saber in question.
This is why not all sabers automatically change colors in wielder’s hands.
That is why Luke needed to build his own.
I don’t know how many creative excuses I can make up for these flagrant abuses to the science of science fiction.
The science, just as the timeline, ALSO needs continuity.

“Star Wars Reveals the True Power of Luke Skywalker’s Yellow Lightsaber”

We Jedi may follow the light, but we are beings of both light and dark, and we must first find that balance within before such endeavors can be pursued.

There is no emotion, only peace.
There is no ignorance, only knowledge.
There is no passion, only serenity.
There is no chaos, only harmony.
There is no death, there is only the Force.

It means in times of the former, the latter will show you the way.
If you are too emotional, ignorant, passionate or chaotic how will you find the solution to your problems?

This is the way, even the way of the Mandalore, the Dark Saber proof that Jedi and Mandalorian are not sworn enemies but brothers in arms, and the Mandalorian code is not unlike the Jedi code.

You must be patient with your prey, you must know your prey, you must be calm when you pull the trigger, you can’t think your prey a wild savage that cannot be predicted, but recognize it as other life, and understand their place on your plate.

And if you die, die with honor, and you shall forever live among the ancestors in the valley of memory.

For Mandalore.
For the Republic.
For the People.

My the Force be with you to claim victory over your defeated enemies.

This is the way.

The Force manifests in strange and mysterious ways, almost as if it was guided by an omnipotent being and yet not in direct relation at all, an enigma that you cannot deny witnessing.

Science is the discovery of God.

Galileo Galilei figured out how the solar system worked using nothing more than a tube, mirrors, and a consideration to the Beauty of Creation and God’s Work, more than any church in his time.
The Church was too busy wallowing in self persecution, too focused on Inquisition rather than inquisitiveness.

One man figured out the orbits of our celestial bodies, pinpointed the center of radius, imagined in an elliptical circumference.
I imagine such epiphanies would come after such miraculous discoveries as the rotation of the Earth.
Sure rotation meant a lot of things, but it would only prove the Church as Earth being the center; but if that were true, the alignments would not be so, not if mathematics has anything to say about it, and the coincidence of geometry would be too uncanny to ignore.

He had to do that alone, secretly, under the cover of deception and subterfuge, to keep sacred the sanctity of institution and scientific discovery.
Just as Sir Isaac Newton did in the Name of God.
The force of gravity, is not unlike the force of geometry, nor astrophysics, certainly no different than guns or planes.

Science and math.

The Fate of the Jedi, is one of Manifest Destiny.

It is all connected, one force will exert and tighten in tension, that tension must be released one way or another.
Like a leaf spring.
Imagine what you could do with an army.

The Jedi are all about discovering forces, not just rhetorical mumbo jumbo.

May the Force be with you, always.

Just Environments Democratically Institutionalized
Activism Resource Corps.

The world is harsh and in order to grow this Eden we must protect the first buds from the forces that wish our blooms ill will, for guardians this means protecting our good faith politicians and their politics so that everyone has a chance at office and fair opportunity to make positive change. It means to make sure that their practices and associations remain honorable and give guardians the best fields of battle to combat attacks on the character.

Work with outside organizations and entities to find solutions and common ground on the issues we face today, the consular must find compromise and diplomatic solutions to gain ground in the war of culture to ensure all Houses be given the chance at survival. It means legal counsel and graduate consideration to our hopes and dreams, so that they can withstand the rigors of argument and criticism.

Educate the people on civics and their role in society, empower with skills of organization and command, the seer not only instructs in the ways but also looks for the potential in others and guide towards true destinies. It means giving the base a means to become informed and knowledged, connecting potential talent with educational opportunities for growth to encourage qualification and confidence in constituent loyalty.

Search and rescue of Progressive movements and candidates, assist in campaigns, a full volunteer program designed to help coordinate localized efforts to gain traction and momentum, seekers identify potential and strength in order to empower those with self reliance and determination. It means providing a network for Progressives to effectively communicate and coordinate local efforts into more meaningful action with greater impacts to the community. That could mean a place to see what everyone is up to so you are able to join an effort instead of starting on your own or it could mean a special ops team involving advertising strategy, coordinating with a campaign to effectively boost an effort in both exposure and providing additional access to a candidate or movement.

Protecting what we have built for civilization tests us for weakness and keeps threats hidden for the opportunity to strike, sentinels prepare for the counter and know all too well that keeping blindsides to dangers only makes it a matter of time before a threat proves too high a risk to ignore. Sentinels must look for traps and potential hazards to protect from the treachery of deception and guile. It means protecting from harms that may risk success from opposition research to full blown political attack campaigns. And when considering uncouth and distasteful tactics, understand that such preparation is necessary but may remain unutilized, the protection of having such measures preemptively is critical to ever hope to counter such tactics against us; it is simply out of prudence for our protection.

And we must bring the fight to the enemy at their doorstep to ensure respect to ours, warriors. It means going out and engaging the worst of the culture wars and viciously humiliate bad faith arguments so people will regret their actions and properly ward others from ever repeating such nonsense

Today I am reminded of the jedi code.
I remember what it was like when I tried to first overcome my emotion.It is not easy, being a man, to look past yourself being right all the time, it took me a while to recognize when I was in the heat of the moment, and when I realized being right all the time didn’t make you any less of a man, or put you in any worse situation than you were.
Peace is recognized as an indicator of overcome emotion.

I was always getting into trouble running my mouth without knowing what I was saying. For a long time after I realized I didn’t know as much as I did, and that my ignorance would shame me in public, I would be sure to only speak on things I knew about, form opinions based on the most data possible on a subject. The knowledge cured my ignorance, now my search for it allows greater consideration to the larger whole.

Getting enraged is something all men must overcome I imagine. I have never hit my wife, but there was a time when she was afraid of broken doors, or fits of rage.As a man, you tell yourself “well I didn’t hurt her”, but here’s a lesson I learned that helped me come to realization: you may not physically hurt people, but in fact you are trying, and successfully, hurting them emotionally, perhaps psychologically, but most importantly, you are consciously attacking the relationship.There is nothing wrong with passion, but it must be tempered, you must find serenity, to be able to focus such drive toward good, and not accidentally wreck your house and home.

You may think the world is out of whack, but the world is running fine the way that it is, and even our youth have no problems keeping up with the obligations we didn’t have as much of. The chaos you think going on around you is in fact being generated from yourself, and because you refuse to listen to anyone else, why the fuck would anyone want to hang around you?Doesn’t make sense, usually you hang out with friends that won’t accidentally send their chips on the shoulders flying every which way without a care in the world on who you hit! While you are wallowing in your chaos, remember it takes two to communicate, and it takes two to keep friendships alive.You only get as much as you put in, the collective pool we contribute to is the harmony of our everyday lives.

Who cares if you die, no one is looking out for any of us, you think we have it good?I gave up my balls in order to be with my family just because I’m the only one that knows how to be a parent to my children!No one cares about me!
No one has ever cared about me, all my friends are met through Dara Thai. If you’re my friend, it’s because we were employed together, and if you know me through a friend, that’s the friend.
Very seldom in my life have I ever had friends that weren’t colleagues in some way.I was bussing tables since I was 16, been teaching my peers on sex abuse, domestic violence and control issues when I was 15, was in so many extra curriculars that I literally had 2 clubs on any given day after school, and always working on weekends because my parents were keeping me out of trouble.How much do you know about me, because I was only ever with you for small fragments of the time you remember.

I played violin for 10 years with private lessons, that also means I did every school orchestra, summer music camp, still highschool.How much do you think we actually hung out together?I was everywhere, and nowhere, and no one notices my presence or absence, and not a single one of you could handle me more than a week of conversation over instant messenger.You don’t even read the shit I put up publicly.I do this because most political philosophy I’ve read weren’t discovered until after their time.I don’t do this for you, I do it for future generations.Where your mortality ends, mine will continue through my ideas, and they are many, and they are complete, and they will help save our future, hopefully before it’s too late. That is the Force my death will transcend to.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

The Jedi are the embodiment of rhetorical mumbo jumbo, we discover forces, and meditate on the whole, because we are all connected, it is significant.