Let's say F U to the Monopolies


I’d like to collectively work together to stop spending all of our money to monopolies that don’t reinvest in our communities.

The idea would be to create a spreadsheet of zipcodes/cities that have a specific item so individuals have other options aside from the monopoly. This would in turn hopefully over time reinvest in our community businesses and community members.

Monopolies are over powering us with streaming, shipping, shopping…


I already do as much as I can locally. But it’s hard to stop shopping at places like walmart when costs for everything, including food, have sky rocketed. I mean, I really do agree with you, if I could afford it.


I agree with you and I have not always been as fortunate locale wise and financially. I still wanted to pose the idea for anyone who is able or wishes to spread the word :slight_smile:


I really think food is the key here. Urbanites need to get realistic about food production. I suggest packing as much food production as possible. If we really want to be green we must stop trucking so much food. I have had ideas for desalination barges with vertical spire rigging for food production.


Thank you for your input. I agree that monopolies are overtaking us. This kinds of grassroots action is exactly what we need. Given the limited time and resources we have vs. what the monopolies have, what is the one thing we can boycott that would give us the greatest change?


Monopolies are ruining our country. I’m thinking…


This is definitely a way that grassroots groups can make a difference, not only in slowing the growth of monopolies but in helping local economies. The individuals’ economies, not the local governments’.
@moiraesfate I try to do the same, but giant box stores have been shutting down local businesses for so long it’s hard to avoid them.
@sciguy24 A short list of boycott targets would be a good thing for people in the TYT network to start compiling and voting on. The less we have the harder it is to boycott, but we can’t pretend it’s going to get any easier.
@enduser Food is definitely one of the oldest and biggest contributors to wealth inequality and social control. The rhetoric is prevalent, even now, with the costs of foods being a major talking point for networks, both conservative and liberal. Mega farms are crushing the country, @sosmartsostupid ‘s lists would be a great benefit to fight them but very hard to get started.
Hard but not impossible, this is an excellent idea.

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Yes also our current system has massive exposure to fuel and trucking costs. This means a collapse of the oil market is a collapse of the food system. That seems insanely poor planning and forethought. We seem to play Russian roulette with famine the longer this continues.


100%! Businesses producing products locally should be getting some of the money shelled out as subsidies to the gas/oil industries. Not only are they reducing the amount of fuel and emissions through transportation, they provide local employment. I worked in OTR trucking for a couple years, never met a trucker who wanted to spend that much time away from home and dealing with bad drivers.