Let's send postcards to our elected officials DEMANDING CEASEFIRE ON PALESTINAIN POPULATION


I would like to send physical letters to our elected officials to demand we stop funding the mass genocide and war crimes on the Palestinian people’ who are imprisoned in Gaza.

We can use stamps dot com to purchase stamps to mail these letters. Currently the dollar amount isn’t necessarily a concern. The soul purpose is to make the genocide stop. NO MORE death to humanity.


I like the idea of filming / posting pictures of letters being written. I think you need to leverage the impact if possible.


Good idea! .
… but i just need to vent about the billions of dollars we already give Israel, and now we are going to indirectly give them more money, by us giving the Palestinians the much deserved aid they need. We are paying for the crimes committed by Isreal. Palestinians have no clean water, no food, no medical supplies~we are going to help them and give them supplies that are overdue and i def want them to have! My gripe is that Isreal made all this happen and can turn the water back on, allow fud and medical supplies to go in, and fix the situation they caused. But, no… we’re gonna take care of it and do the right thing, when it should be Isreal doing this. And we’ll still continue to pay out billions of dollars to them year after year… then after we do the right thing, they’ll undo everything we did and go back to brutalizing the Palestinians. I can see all the money we are gonna put out to help them will be wasted because i can’t image Isreal changing her ways… so sad!!

I agree, let’s stop the slaughter. Writing our leadership is a good start. But I think it is also imperative that we elect leadership that will work to preserve and strengthen our democracy.

We need to elect leaders that are bound by the principles of AGPA. We need a united effort by the progressives to elect a president with both ethics and morals. A candidate that will work for the good of the entire world.

We need a person whose moral character is both inclusive and empathic. A leader who will fight the darkness and be a light to the world.

A tall order I know; but I think Jenk is the person that can fill that tall order.

So let’s all support Jenk for president and encourage him to get out the on campaign trail and tell Americans about his great policies to improve our democracy

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I hear you all, and I kinda think there’s a weird thing my RSD ass is picking up with people saying Israel, in some instances, for sure not everyone who says it like that is saying the quiet part out loud, but weirdly I can tell; I know it’s hard to believe. That said:

Netanyahu and his gov are war criminals and we need to support those inside of Israel fighting this tooth and nail (and fuck those settlers/right wing religious fanatics and all the other right wing asshole warmongers: they are who we must loudly oppose and I love someone’s idea of blasting pictures and names (of those doing this)). Thought this would be longer…

A few years ago, I sent packages and letters to Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris when she was still a senator. My letter stated why I think we need to stand with the Palestinians and I included 2 books - The General’s Son by Miko Peled and Our Harsh Logic which contains testimonies from IDF veterans about the abuses committed against the Palestinians with the blessing of the Israeli government. I don’t know if they even read them or maybe put them immediately into the trash. I only know that their offices received the packages because of tracking. I just watched the interview with Norman Finkelstein on Candace Owens’ show. Maybe Cenk and Ana should have him on - along with Ben Glieb at the same time. And maybe also interview Miko Peled, the son of Matti Peled, a general from the 1967 war, who has been a peace activist for many years now. As far as congress, sometimes I think the only thing that MIGHT change some of their minds would be to march them through the devastation, seeing the bodies, just as the G.I.'s did to the German civilians after WW II. The mayor of one of the German towns committed suicide after being marched through one of the concentration camps and forced to see what the Nazi’s had done.

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