Let's shake things up. part 1 of 2

Looking at the climate we’re in. It looks that the people wants to believe in something as religion is dying. I believe God is very much alive, but don’t have time for our nonsense. In that, I see a pattern. I see how our society works. America loves the underdog, mixed that with false bravado & arrogance. You look at empires and dynasties so great seem to fall because of the same things. We are a young nation of brats. It looks that we will fall soon because of it.

We have a huge mass of people trying to get away with murder. In my youth, I realized that’s all kids want to get away with. I believe that Kyle Rittenhouse achieved that. To his detriment, he can’t really brag about it, which is the reason to get away with such murder. It’s like an Alanis Morrisette song gone horribly wrong. We have become a society that everyone should be relevant, but have no reason. We’ve become “rebels without a cause”. I think this reverts back to false bravo. Everyone wants to geniuses without putting the work in and just subscribing to hyperbole. Nowadays, the masses just look at the headlines and feel they know the whole story. As before mentioned, the majority of people are just lazy.

I would like go to on and on of what I believe the social structure that we have become, but I can write for months on that. We need to focus on what’s happening now.

I see that progressives are losing the fight to traditionist. Progressives are about change. Change is growth, which contributes to evolution. Traditionalists don’t want change. They make promises to people they haven’t met before. They are the ones that say, “you can’t.” We are failing because of them. They are the ones that need to told what to do and not question it. We need to change that because of the climate that we are in.

Now, this is what I notice and tell me if I’m the only one seeing it. We have become a culture of nostalgia, always reverting to the past as if it was so much better. Why do you think MAGA exist? To me, it just look like a bunch of people that haven’t got out of the “decadent 's”. The 80’s was my “Wonder Years”. I’ve noticed that my generation is trapped in that ere, with “Cobra Kai”, “Fresh Prince…(reboot)”, The Weekend (he sounds very retro.), “Top Gun 2” …I can go on & on. For some reason, America seemed to stop to rise to the top. Or, did we reached the top and descending downward with our hands in the air? I want to write more on these views, but nearly forgot the matter at hand. Look for part 2 of this message.

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Let’s shake things up, part 2 of 2

Please, Cenk, do this:

  1. Let’s start our own conspiracy theory on Trump. Let’s allege that his secret meeting with Putin in '17. He then dismantled the NSC in 2018.
    COVID 19 struck in, well you know, 2019. It became a pandemic in 2020, shutting everything down. 2020 just happened to be an election year. Oddly, he discouraged mail-in voting. I think I know why that is. Smarter people would want to vote from home. The dumb, that he loves because he said it, with go forth and die for their idiotic leader because they are dumb themselves.

My Conspiracy Theory: Trump, being the most self-serving official figure in history, wanted to gain re-election in any way possible. That will include having millions die to fulfill his wish. Let’s spread this. We have the receipts. He’s the one who ruined everyone’s 2020 for his own selfish gain. If he’s allowed to spread shit on others, then he should really appreciate this.

There is more things that I picked up through his presidency. The information is out there; especially, he’s put it out there. I will love to tell you more to make him and his followers pay for really dividing this United States. We need to make examples of people & believe you and your network can do this by starting the very same spark that got that orange, dumpster-fire of a man elected.

If there is anything here that you can use, please let me know. I want to be a part of the cause.

Thank for your time and consideration

I think you shouldn’t take truth and frame it as conspiracy. There is something to be said for making the information attractive to Trump supporters. I don’t think we want to do a if we can’t bet them join them mentality with Trump and his tactics.

The best advice is plan for the best prepare for the worst and take what comes.

If you seek retribution you dig two graves.

It is best to allow him to destroy himself. This is a case of if you give him enough rope he will hang himself. The problem is now he is under a pile of rope. That doesn’t mean he got a way it just means he was able to redirect an attack by “dim witted” (greedy) media moguls.

I am not sure what you could mean by this? I see some progressives fighting the greatest underdog battle of their lives.

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Traditionalists live in the past, whereas the are making promises to people they never met before. How can you grow if you live in the past? Conservatives are traditionalists. They are doing all that they can to hold on to the past. Progressives believe in growth. Progressives are not beholden to archaic beliefs that has shown its worthlessness in today’s world.