Letters to Biden

Hey Jack!

If you want my vote, get a permanent ceasefire and make Dr. Cornel West the VP!

#KamalaWho? #CorporateDems #CorruptionLeadsToSupportOfGenocide #GatewayDrug


Hey GreenNewDealerDragon, my message to Biden is to step down. There are other candidates who are morally on the right side of history. The meme that one candidate is less evil than the other is a false narrative. One must always go of what is right. Proof of that can be seen worldwide , not just students. If Biden fails it is his own damn fault. There were no primaries , the DNC essentially coronated him keeping other candidates off the ballots { Cenk ! } . The youth of this country are beautiful and are not afraid to call things out { gaslighting , media lies , genocide} . Even if Biden stopped sending weapons now , he is still complicit with Israel of crimes. Not to mention that the over 20 billion dollars sent to Israel could have eradicated homelessness in this country. Think of that ! Since when did Israel become the 52nd star on the American flag? Please forgive my diatribe, this has been on my mind a long time. My point is there are other options, keep an open mind. Cheers , Jackc380


100%! Yea i decided since i quit Twitter that this was the best alternative place to come and vent. I get the frustration and i hope he does step down. I’ve decided to tie myself to Dr. Cornel West ever since Cenk dropped out of the rigged primaries. In the general I’m voting Dr.Cornel West, but if he’s on the ticket with Biden as his VP, I’ll hold my nose and vote Biden/ West 2024.


GNDD , Hey, I totally understand. I already voted for Cenk on an absentee ballot . but if I could , I’d vote either for Cornell or Jill Stein Jackc380


To the President,

You are the first citizen, and i know you are running to have the office of the first citizen again. Being that it’s where the example is set. There is no going back on a genocide, and you set a bad example when you support genocides.

Ceasefire now and run on a bipartisan unity ticket, like you’ve always dreamed, but with an Independent!

Dr. West for VP! Kamala for AG 2024.

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There is an evangelical satanic cult that has infiltrated the Republican Party and they call themselves the Radical Republican Reds. They might even be communist fascists. And by letting Israel kill babies you are contributing to their bloodletting ritual to put a golden calf as their god leader kim Yong un style caligula. Do something old man, step down or run on a unity ticket for a better future. Tap Dr. West as your running mate and stop the genocide!