Link: American Climate Corps

A link for if you, or anyone you know, might be interested in this initiative.


Very cool, thank you!

I think it is a cool idea. Outside a new look I don’t see anything special.

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Yeah, I signed up, with a summary of how the work I should do would be to help them understand what their institution should do.

Of course, I can’t imagine they could be willing to do what they ought do, especially under Biden, but over time, as our needed works increase in urgency, as radical policy becomes less radical, especially under future administrations, then eventually this institution could become what we need it to be.


I can’t help but say if we just reformed the granting processes it would be huge in many cases.


Yeah, I think in general, the financing of investment for the public purpose is kind of central to current politics. The capitalist capture of our government is fairly fundamental.