Links: "Toward Nakba as a Legal Concept"; (censored at Columbia and Harvard)

An interesting piece of legal news; a legal article on the Nakba censored from publication:

censored legal article (pdf):

The law does not possess the language that we desperately need to
accurately capture the totality of the Palestinian condition. … This Article therefore proposes to distinguish apartheid, genocide, and Nakba as different, yet overlapping, modalities of crimes against humanity.

The Intercept news article:

Columbia Law Review Board Nukes Website Over Palestine Article

After the editors declined a board of directors request to take down the articles, the board pulled the plug on the entire website.

Democracy Now author interview:

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Justice for the crimes of our US international strategy would be nice. The censored legal concepts could help.

Recently Trump was dealt some justice for some of his crimes; a new precedent of US presidents not being above some law.
Through chill rain, dawn shines.
To justice, winter dreams rouse;
rainbow gates our path.