Liquidating innocence

Some have trouble when they explain death of family pets to children. Death of the innocent is rarely easy for the living.

Murdering innocents is the treachery of monsters.

Silence smattered with stern words for the murderous. Yet their actions speak loud. Their empty words fall upon our ears once again.

If you rearm the monster your words fail you. We will not allow you to mourn the dead at our hands while encouraging monsters to kill once again.

How many mothers have been liquidated holding their children in a clutch that cannot deliver them from the conflagration whistling above their heads?

Hospitals are not battlefields, journalist are not combatants, refugee camps are not bombing ranges.

Outrage and heartbreak mean nothing to the dead.

Outrage and heartbreak mean nothing to us when you rearm monsters.

This loss of humanity is systematic liquidation of the innocent, and cannot be seen any other way.