Local Meetups Anyone?

Over the last few years our friend group has seriously dwindled. I heard a commenter on TDR saying something about Placerville, which is in my area, and it made me wonder if there are any local groups/ threads? I didn’t see any but please point me to it if I missed it?

My name is Sara, 41 y/o, pet sitter outside Sacramento. My wife is 52 & has worked in grocery for nearly 35 years. We have 2 elderly chihuahua’s and a special needs pit mix. I am a chronically ill & legacy pain patient. My wife & I both love DIY projects, music, making memories, and sitting on our back patio. We love hosting bbq’s in the summer & meeting up with friends for dinner.

If anyone is in northern CA & want to meet up for dinner or coffee, let me know! And if you arent in CA, maybe comment your area & a little about you & people in your area can reach out! :purple_heart: