Membership drive?

Hello. I got the email that 3300 new members are still needed for TYT. I’ve done what I can to help bring people into TYT but I can only do so much. Last week I bought a few gift memberships on Twitch but there’s only so much that I can afford to do.


Thanks for helping, I’m planning on gifting when I can afford to. I know Cenk has mentioned frequently that ad revenue is drying up across the industry, it’s worrisome for freedom of information.


If you can tell your friends and family or post on social media, or maybe somewhere people may see it an appeal to join TYT. If possible do it in such a way that you explain sincerely what it means to you that TYT continues to operate in the capacity they do.


Great call, I tell people about TYT but don’t always give them the long view of what it means to have a news organization that isn’t bought :+1:t3: