Mend relationships with other progressive channels! (Cenk doesn't want to hear this)

I’ve been thinking about this lately, and i came to realize that it should be one of Cenk’s top priorities to mend relationships with other progressives if he wants to be taken seriously in the progressive base. (I should add that even if Cenk believes he is right on the trans issue) This is not just me trying to be a smartass, it’s just that not mending these relationships will not just not help Cenk’s quest to becoming president, it may also work against him. I’ve been seeing that all those people who had a falling out with Cenk over the trans issue (specifically online progressive personalities) have come out with their pitchforks. There are many progressives on youtube who interviewed Cenk during his congressional run, who clearly aren’t interested in interviewing him as he runs for president. (David Deol, Mike from the humanist report, etc.) How to mend these relationship? I’m not so sure, but I noticed that Kyle Kulinski praised Cenk immediately after his announcement, and stated that he would also have a soft spot for Cenk for what he did for him, and Krystal Ball also said something similar. He needs people like them to mediate while he tries to mend relations (and apologize if he needs to, even if it’s not warranted. It’s extremely important not to burn bridges with progressives, especially when you are interested in doing something significant and you have many enemies on the other side. If you burn bridges with people on your own ‘side’ it will be very difficult for you to find your voice in public. Originially i would have thought this to be a dumb idea, but i’ve been looking around and found that people have been emotionally hurt by Cenk and Ana’s comments on the trans issue. Personally i agree with them on the issue of trans people in sports, but that issue has really fractured the trust that online progressives had in cenk. i wish it wasn’t the case, but i did some serious investigation and found that this is going to be one of the reasons that Cenk’s campaign implodes if he doesn’t fix it. Love you Cenk!!!


To me it makes perfect sense that some of these people should be brought into the fold if possible. I am not sure Cenk harbors contempt for them, if they don’t harbor contempt for Cenk they shouldn’t have any problem being harmonious.

The problem is harmonious doesn’t pay the Youtube bills and revenue was just slashed. I think much of this is a real life struggle you see for people to keep their channels going.

I am not sure how much of this is real disagreement and how much is manufactured for views. Say it is all genuine then the position is; he holds a alternate view on this narrow issue. So now we’re hostile? In my opinion It all seems a bit contrived. From the debates that I have watched they seem to just get star struck in Cenk’s presence.


The left has to connect, not divide. I’ve noticed the exact same thing. I’m all for them to have a summit meeting, etc. and coordinate because we are up against the billionaires on the right and DNC crowd. It’s our only chance. Someone needs to take the reins, and these small disagreements in tactics, or one issue, shouldn’t have this damaging effect. Jesus Christ, the right wing can act like crackheads and they stick together through anything. I know it hurts more when someone that’s normally agreeing with you, diverts etc. but this overacting has to stop. Love Cenk, and he’s gotta be the bigger person and focus on the bigger picture. I hate seeing outlets I have respected attack TYT like this.


Can someone point me to the details of the trans issue that was created? I told some progressives on a Discord channel that Cenk was running for prez, and one person said she’d never vote for him because he’s transphobic. I responded that he’s not because he had Bennie Corolla on the show for awhile and I never saw a problem there. Then one day, Bennie is gone and accusing TYT of being transphobic. Was this simply because Ana said that she wanted to be referred to as a woman and not a birthing person? This is all I know about any of it.

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So basically Cenk said that trans woman (those born as biological males) shouldn’t be competing in women’s sports. Thats a very reasonable statement by Cenk . What he said is right. Taking a few medications as a trans women doesn’t make your body weak enough so that you can compete with actual females. It puts women at a disadvantage. So there used to be 3 or 4 transgender part time host of TYT who hated Cenk for saying that and are like completely against him now.
Just to be fair, he’s the other point of view:

I think this guy has a lot of good points. Cenk did more than talk about the sports issue, he called trans activists “stupid.” Ana said that the right-winger had a point when schools don’t tell parents about providing transgender support (although it’s not really clear what the “problem” is she’s talking about). As this guy pointed out, there are some issues that schools must tell parents about and do, and others where the schools are trying to protect transgender youth with confidentiality. A family member of mine had a therapist in childhood and the parent wasn’t allowed to be told anything (unless their life was in danger) once this child turned 14. That’s how it works with mental health counseling. I agree with this guy that the job of a progressive reporter is to report on, for example, what is happening in the transgender community and then offer their analysis on what they think the best politics are without insulting activists or further marginalizing transgender people. I think Cenk and Ana need to fix this problem, if they can. I don’t think the way it was handled is helpful to the progressive cause.

I think here what is MOST needed is to not all be in our own bubbles. TYT does their thing. Benny does hers. Each have their own platforms where they speak, but not directly to each other. Maybe some type of a forum where everyone gets together and discuss concerns between each other as to get a better understanding with each other - a live discussion. We out here just get bits and pieces of the discussion, but never everything.
Some of the difference is that TYT pushes things politically. My point, is your arguements and those of others, all take place where we can’t see them. (And I don’t have the time of ability to tie tweets, different shows, and now these forums, together to see where all the issues are.)


The only thing I will correct here is Cenk said that Transgender in sports is fine in school even College but the Professional Leagues should remain non-trans. SO he basically agreed with everyone on 95% of the issue


I agree. There also needs to be a progressive conference where every progressive media person gets together and finds a way to build the overall viewership and influence. They collectively come up with a plan on how to reach different policy goals.


Over the course of thousands of videos of course you can find a handful of videos of hosts saying something stupid and put it all together to make them look bad. Cenk and Ana are not anti-trans. And they have the right to express their own opinion whether we like it or not. The right wing module includes just about every conspiracy theory/ hate monger but somehow finds room for jews and white supremacists to fit under the same party. What Cenk and Ana said really does pale in comparison to anything Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson say on a daily basis. Of course someone who is mutually friends with all of these people should talk to them behind the scenes and say “guys can you all just knock it off? Your public spat is damaging the progressive movement for x, y, and z reason” They literally hired transgender people onto their show , and those people left the show feeling they were wrong which is their personal perception of things. Mike is not a saint either, lets keep that in mind. Recently he mocked the hell out of Cenk when he announced his run for president.


I don’t know anything about Mike, so that would be helpful, too.

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There’s a lot about TYT that needs to change. Yes, they are too isolated but they’re also too biased and not objective enough. TYT should be the home of absolute objectivity. There should be regular debates between highly qualified people on the major issues of the day. But when I look at YouTube all I see is whatever Trump BS is on that day. I supposed thats how they have to get ratings but its very disappointing.

Here’s an idea, put everything in perspective as far as we all know we are able to. This idea that everyone isn’t liberal enough or conservative enough does not work at all. Obviously you can see this. It’s counterproductive at best. And I don’t have bad feelings for Benni or whatever her name is but damn I think it’s rude at best what she did and how she did it. That doesn’t make me anti trans. If it does then fine go ahead and throw stones but it doesn’t workout well. I think this channel has been the biggest breakthrough in any news outlets I’ve ever known to exist. Of course there is a biased because that’s the point of it. It’s almost like some people come on here to express something they don’t know anything about or maybe on a campaign for someone’s agenda which is fine too. Just wish I could hear better arguments about it.


That is the real problem. Is the reaction is to the fear of the unknown.

If you and I were dyed in the wool opposing the views of the political party I support, we would still likely get a long fine if we ever met.

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