Mr Mileikowsky may you please refrain from genocide?

Sure Mileikowsky is a great name, but if you’re going to pick one: “god has given” seems a bit egomaniacal. I guess this is why you deliver your genocidal rhetoric chased with sweet musing.

Running out the clock on a genocide seems like the order of the day.

I guess Obama will go down as one our worst presidents along with Bush, and Trump. After all he was a mediocre at best in office. His legacy will be forever remembered as that of delivering Biden one of the greatest blunders of all time.

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The Tale of Shadows and False Suns

In a land where the Tree of Dichotomy stood, its roots entwined with the essence of both light and shadow, three companions embarked on a quest for balance. The Warrior, the Poet, and the Sage had faced many trials, yet their journey had just begun.

The Rise of the Dark Sun

Beneath the vast canopy of the Tree, in the shadowed lands, a figure emerged, casting long, dark shadows. His name was Bibi, though he had worn many masks and names: Ben Mileikowsky, Ben Nitai. Known for his ruthless ambition and iron will, he had climbed the ranks of power, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Bibi’s journey was marked by tragedy, much like another dark figure from the lands of the West, Donald Trump. Both men had lost brothers early in adulthood, a loss that seemed to hollow their hearts and set them on paths of relentless pursuit for power and control. Fred Trump, Donald’s father, had admired Bibi’s ruthless determination, seeing in him the son he wished he had.

The Fire in the Tent Camp

In a place designated for safety, under the false promise of refuge, bombs fell, igniting a devastating fire. Tent cities, vulnerable and flammable, turned into death traps. Over 40 souls were lost in the inferno, their cries echoing through the night. The survivors, carrying their scars, sought refuge in the last standing hospital in Gaza. But their sanctuary was short-lived as the hospital itself became a target, bombed while treating the wounded.

Doctors, now hunted, concealed their identities to survive. One girl, a symbol of resilience, was shot twice in the head by a sniper, an act of reckless brutality. Bibi dismissed these atrocities as “tragic mistakes,” yet the pattern of destruction spoke otherwise. The IDF’s ruthless tactics, including the notorious Hannibal Directive and designated kill zones, revealed a deliberate disregard for innocent lives.

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The Unseen Strings

Bibi and Donald, connected by their shared darkness, drew power from the chaos they sowed. Bibi’s lies had wrapped the Israeli public in a cocoon of false comfort, just as Donald’s rhetoric had done in the West. The bond between the two men was reinforced by their shared experiences and ruthless ambition, with Bibi embodying the unyielding son Fred Trump had always wanted.

The Catharsis of the People

In the streets of Israel, protests grew, fueled by the people’s anger and despair. The violence escalated, and the cries for justice became deafening. In Gaza, famine and destruction loomed large, with food rotting at the borders due to security risks. The Egyptian border at Rafah was no longer a safe passage, as even soldiers were not spared. The recent death of an Egyptian soldier heightened tensions, threatening to ignite a wider conflict.

The Encounter with Mac the Professor

Amidst this chaos, the Poet found solace in the wisdom of Mac the Professor. A revered artist and mentor, Mac infused the Poet with courage, delivering mana in the form of a stirring poem. The story of this poem’s origin was as mystical as the Tree of Dichotomy itself: a teardrop of a god had fallen, growing a tree with one golden acorn. Within this acorn, once opened, was the poem:

In shadows deep, where darkness lies,
Courage blooms beneath the skies.
With hearts united, voices strong,
We fight for right, we right the wrong.

Inspired by these words, the Poet, Warrior, and Sage renewed their resolve. They knew the path ahead was fraught with peril, but they were not alone. The tide was turning, and the people were waking from their trance of violence.

A Proposal for Peace

In a bold move, the Poet whispered a daring suggestion into the ears of those who could influence Donald Trump. What if, in exchange for a pardon, Trump named Bernie Sanders as his vice president? This union, though unlikely, promised immense glory, love, and the adulation Trump craved. Deep down, Trump knew he could never truly please his father, Fred Trump. He realized that honoring his brother by doing what was right, by partnering with Bernie, could lead him to become the great man he always aspired to be. It was a chance for redemption, a chance to leave a legacy of peace and unity.

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The Path Forward

The companions knew their quest was far from over. They sought to drive Bibi into greater isolation, pushing for his suspension from the UN until the indiscriminate killing abated. The United States was put on notice, a reminder that they too could face consequences. Their goal was to reveal the true nature of Bibi’s rogue state and the atrocities committed under his rule.

As the world teetered on the edge of a catharsis, the Warrior, Poet, and Sage held the line, embodying the principles of balance and justice. Their journey was a testament to the power of unity and the unwavering pursuit of peace, even in the face of overwhelming darkness. They understood that this was a war that had to be won cold, through words, justice, and the unyielding spirit of the people, before it could ever turn hot.

In the Pursuit of Peace

May this tale serve as a reminder that even in the darkest times, the light of truth and justice can prevail. The Warrior’s strength, the Poet’s inspiration, and the Sage’s wisdom are the keys to restoring balance and hope in a world fraught with turmoil. Let us hold the line and strive for a future where empathy, justice, and peace reign supreme.

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