My idea for how to get Joe Biden to drop out!

I think we should have a prize money bounty for people in the Biden administration/ team who have stories of what they have seen first hand of Bidens dementia and willingly come foreword to the public with those stories… Those people are only staying quiet so that they can save their jobs right? If we offer them money for tips they might actually go for it.


Why does Biden even WANT to stay for another 4 years? It just doesn’t make sense. And who is really running the country?

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Perhaps. Problem is, some of those people seem to be the same ones who are quashing the constructive criticism in the first place. And the ones who are not on board with the coverup will lose more than their jobs in the current administration. The will be blacklisted by the Democratic establishment, The money we could offer wouldn’t begin to approach the lost revenue from future jobs that they would be missing out on.


I’m surprised the Republicans, MAGA, or Fox haven’t thought of this. Although, fake news is free so…


From a Dem doctor on NBC, no less…

It’s over because if, in a fantasy land Biden were to win, as soon as he were to get seated there would be an Article 25, The Dem Party cannot obstruct neural tests demanded by Congress. We now have a Woodrow Wilson situation, ladies and gentlemen.

Now we have to wait a few more days and see if we will get an Open Convention. They will probably not decide until the conclusion of the Repub Convention.

My guess is that a number of Dem congress members have made a demand in private that they get the results of a test, or else they will move against him. It’s just a question of time that Repubs will be able to make the same request, to file an Article 25

I sure hope the blank-slate PACs are raising a lot of money right now, so we don’t get wrapped in cinder blocks and chains with Harris. If the DNC thumbs its nose at an Open Convention. time to start singing “Is That All There Is”…

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I think he knows Harris wouldn’t win, and he is trying to avert that sad conclusion to his Presidency. All indications are at the moment that the DNC will not want an Open Convention, and are barricading themselves in with Harris. Rinse+repeat of the superdelegate situation of 2016. Also, you have to appreciate that if he had given up immediately after the bad debate, that would have been quite the finger to his donors. So he puts up a good fight, that he tried, and also they are seeing this week if he can bounce back. After that quite poor Stephanopolous interview, I can’t see it…

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By the way, this was pretty hilarious: “Expert On Media Outlet Owned By Murdoch Says He Should Stay In!

I hear you. Money is such a great motivator after all. Still, the amount paid better be enough for someone to support themselves comfortably for a lifetime, because people in power will stop at nothing to bury you should you cross them. Those willing to speak out at this time in our history are brave beyond belief or simply naive. Regardless, it is good to know that people have principles over profit margin.

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