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Dear TYT, I am a new member who wanted to introduce myself. My name is Carrie Owens, I live in a very small village, Frankfort Ohio. Although I love living here and being in the country I also realize what is happening to my family. In 2005 I had my oldest son, Briar, he was born with a very rare genetic disorder called Coffin-Lowry Syndrome. I never really got into watching the news, especially 24 hour news but all my family members watch Fox News and believe me it is on 24 hours in their homes. Due to the fact that my son can not and will never be able to work to pay into this system they truly think he doesn’t deserve help to live, like SSI. Those around me are very vocal about their opinions and how they truly view my son, due to their hate and lack of compassion I no longer speak to or have anything to do with them…no holidays or reunions for us anymore. What hurts the most is my son doesn’t understand and loves everyone on earth but because of money they don’t love him back. Human beings have lost their compassion. Please keep up the good work at TYT, keep standing up for those like my son…some of them have no one in this world but love everyone and everything in this life…they are the ones who truly deserve life and love. I really appreciate all of you for tying, never stop getting the truth out there. I’m not sure if most of your members truly understand how bad this really is. Wishing TYT and all the members the best in life, Carrie Owens


I highly recommend you find a SSI attorney, they usually work for free up front because the nature of the system is to deny you for a long time.

I have limited experience with this process. I have several friends that have been harmed or nearly killed due to being denied for so long and only have been informed through their experiences / stories.

Be careful and do your homework on attorneys. When they award you it is from your initial application date. Therefore you usually get a big award that the attorney will take their fees from. This is an incentive for an attorney to take your case.


Love that you reached out here! I too live in red Ohio and can vouch for your experience. A lot of people are terrible. And often the worst get the most easily sucked into the hate-filled cult known as the Republican Party. Although I know decent people who have been hood-winked by the right-wing propaganda machine as well.

So I wanted to let you know, you really are not alone. There are plenty of Americans who share your desire to live in a generous, open-minded, compassionate society. And some of us even live in your community, as well as your state, and our country.

Hang in there. Glad to have you in the TYT/progressive movement family.


P.S. Sometimes I’m not sure ANA truly understands how bad it really is. :smile:

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