New to tyt and DSA

My wife and I enjoy watching them shows on TYT very much! I got turned on by following Bernie, I once was an icky conservative until the one day I realized I was no longer able to work and needed government assistance… My family was all conservative so I knew no better but now I’m a paying member of the TYT community and the DSA! Both my wife and I currently live in a rural Republican area and gotta deal with dirty looks all the time. We are both disabled on SSDI. Currently we are on a wait-list to go back home to Chicago where we plan to be active with the Chicago DSA. I’m saving ever penny we can to move but it’s not very easy to achieve the total we will need since we cannot move ourselves. I’m a nut for watching TYT watched every day starting I think wed then this weekend I spent all my time watching it on I’m a sucker for great content what can I say. Im pretty active on Twitter and Facebook, trying to be more active on other platforms too



Welcome to the TYT community! Glad to have you here :smile:

I think I said hello in the TYT Army Slack as well :laughing: I’m in TF4 and TF5-Texas.

I am also from a very conservative family, but thanks to meeting some young Progressives by the time I got to university (like 10 years ago now), I have now shed most of my public school indoctrination. The TYT family helps me stay sane in these trying times and I’m glad to see it’s doing so for you and your wife. Excited for your help to make positive change!


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I saw a open chat on slack but it was empty but thanks for the welcome, feel free to add me on any of my socials, i use linq to share them all, the link is in my profile