Nikki Haley interview and implications for TikTok

Nikki Haley said in an interview that aired on TYT yesterday that she spoke with Jamie Dimon. In that interview she makes a sinister statement that would be lost on most. She says that defense spending is going to be surpassed by debt interest serving our national debt. So this meant to signal if we are going to have a war we need to have it soon.

What that statement means is we will loose our funding if we don’t create the conditions for this money to be spent.

I it clear the we have two wings of a bifurcated single party for all intents and purposes in many things economic.

I think this explains why our brave advocacy groups were met by violence at the hands of the security of their elected officials. The response to the DNC protest is a clear escalation that we should all take very seriously.

I will say for whatever Biden actually met with China about, one thing was clear both sides appear to feel war is the path forward. The question seems to be military or trade / cold or hot? Don’t think it is a a spurious coincidence that TikTok had Osama bin Laden’s Letter to America went viral. I am not saying it is a plant or this is coordinated. I am saying it is likely their meeting went sour and in response China directed TikTok to ease the rails off the moderation.

I don’t think that Nikki Halely necessarily meant what you claim she meant by her statement referencing that defense spending was going to soon be exceeded by payment of the interesrgt on our national debt.
I think she was simply saying that defense expenditures are, by far, the largest item in the national budget and that it is a very dangerous situation, another economic warning sign, about the sustainability of our economic well being.
I would argue that she may be correct. I would also say that she is giving no credit to the fact that by increasing our expenditures will greatly expand our economic well-being. The greatest, again by far, example is the infrastructure legislation that was bi-partisan and is just beginning to reap the benefits that will do what I stated above.

So you think Jamie Dimon is concerned with our military budget getting to large? Do you think Jamie Dimon thinks Nikki is ‘smart’ due to this take?