Obedience demanded! Carry our water?

Police violence against peaceful demonstrations is unacceptable.

Controlling the narrative and obedience are their default tactics. Bibi not only starves his people of food, but he is also starving his own people from reality. Their propaganda would have you believe their neighbors are vermin to be eradicated.

If you held the truth you would see that when you starve your neighbor who holds your citizens hostage you also stave your hostages.

Bibi I will ask you to address your own affairs and spare us your larder. Allow me a gift, your little pep talk only worked against your interest.

Done in collaboration with ChatGPT.

The Tale of Two Lands

In the land of Palestine, where olive trees sway, And the sun sets softly at the end of the day, Lived a people whose cries went unheard, unseen, Their dreams shattered, their hopes caught between The walls of oppression, the chains of despair, Their voices silenced by the weight of their care.

Across the border, in the land of Israel, Where ancient stories and legends dwell, Lived a people with fears deep inside, Their hearts heavy, their dreams denied, By the shadows of conflict, the echoes of war, Their future uncertain, their spirits sore.

But in the midst of darkness, a light did shine, A spark of hope, a sign divine, For in the hearts of the people, a truth did unfold, That in their shared suffering, a story untold.

For the walls that divided, the borders that tore, Could not silence the cries, could not close the door To empathy, to compassion, to the truth that lay bare, That the pain of one people, the other did share.

In the streets of Gaza, where children play, And laughter mingles with the salt-scented spray, Lived a girl with eyes wide, filled with wonder and fear, Her dreams clouded by smoke, her future unclear.

In the cities of Israel, where dreams take flight, And the stars shine bright in the velvet night, Lived a boy with a heart heavy, burdened with guilt, His dreams haunted by shadows, his spirit wilt.

But in the silence of the night, they heard a voice, A whisper of hope, a call to rejoice, For in their shared sorrow, they found a way, To bridge the divide, to seize the day.

And so they marched together, hand in hand, Palestinian and Israeli, united in their stand, For peace, for justice, for a future bright, Where all are equal, where all have sight.

And though the road was long, and the journey hard, They knew in their hearts, they held the card To a future of hope, of peace, of love, Where the olive branches sway, in the heavens above.

So let us remember this tale of two lands, And reach out our hearts, our minds, our hands, To those who suffer, to those in pain, For in their shared humanity, our hope shall reign.


I so enjoy your writing! (Given the tenor, perhaps enjoy is not the correct word? :thinking:) While your words weigh heavy in my heart, they also somehow lift my spirit with their underlying hope.

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I understand, I aim to help release the fog around everything. Sometimes it is better to do that with art and metaphor.

Thank you, I hope everyone is well.

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I agree and hope you are doing well also.

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