On the subject of settling peace without nukes being a necessary deterant

It is my position that the policy for going about war should be:
First, Leadership cage match with peace terms prenegotiated on both sides giving to the winning side preference
Second, all proceeds go to the civilians of the losing side.
Third, if peace terms fail. Then go to whole civilization wars or try step #1 again.

I think we have peace talks cage match style. If they don’t work out we have a big red button either leader can hit. When they tap out they are sent to a room where they are made to write on a chalk board: “I will never indulge my ego to this extent ever again” until exhaust a pound of chalk.

If at which point they still want war we just repeat, BUT we add one more pound of chalk per consecutive occurrence.

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The only thing is that under the current way we do things, civilians by the thousands die and leadership remains in place and peace is not attained. Under my plan we’d all see a pay per view fight to the death between world leaders, buildings wouldn’t get blown up, and the losing country’s citizens would get paid in order to soften the blow of losing a “war” and having to elect a new leader. No red buttons need to be pushed in that scenario.

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