Operation hope progressive marketplace to help support operation hope projects

it would be great to fund operation hope projects with the help from progressive small businesses. I’d like to set up a group of small businesses that would give a small portion of net profit in return for extra business through the progressive marketplace.

I had two concepts of what the marketplace could look like.

first would be we set up an ebay/amazon/etsy like site where everyone could sell items and a portion would go to progressive causes. we could even have someone listing and shipping for people that would like to donate items of some value but aren’t tech savy enough to handle other aspects. this option would be tough but would allow for individuals without a business to raise money and businesses like mine that use ebay to donate much more than otherwise possible.

second option would be to set up a page with links to businesses that support and already have a website or use ebay/amazon/etsy. allow these businesses to set up a description of their business and what drives them to be a part of operation hope. along with some photos and business links. in return the small businesses give a small portion of net profits to operation hope. this option is much easier than the first option but would be much less effective.

This is a concept that i’ve had versions of for years but haven’t been able to enact. so I was thrilled when cenk brought it up the other day on tyt and would love to participate and make it happen. so if anyone has a different concept of what this marketplace would look like , would like their business to participate or would like to participate in creating the website please respond.

thank you for your time


I think that’s a great idea! I don’t have a business, but I am a consumer. :smiling_face:

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