Operation Joy suggestion: Responding to trauma with humor #Operation Joy

Here is my story:

First, let me set the scene. It’s the early 90’s. This is either my first or fourth memory. (The other three early memories are from a family trip to Seattle and Vancouver not related to this story.) It’s sometime in the middle of the day in Ohio during the summer. My Mom is standing nearby in front of the stove preparing a meal. As it is hot out, the front door is open with the screen door closed.

Apparently, the screen in the screen door had a hole in it, as a yellow jacket wasp made it into the kitchen as I was hanging out (within arm’s reach of my Mom) The wasp then flew up into my nose and then stung me. I screamed out and my Mom removed the wasp, but not before I was stung. I still remember the sensation of the wasp’s wings pushing against the inside edges of my nostril as it tries to force itself further inside.
(continued on next post)

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My response to this?

(channeling my best Josh Mankiewicz here)
MOST wasps would have chosen some place to fly to OTHER THAN inside a small child’s nose, but you didn’t do that did you?

Also, I consider this to be conclusive proof that not all animals are innocent. That wasp was guilty and it deserved to be punished.


You almost made me spit out my drink! :joy: