Our plan for the next 5 years

Regardless of who wins the presidency in 2024 we need a game plan to get the policy issues we all want. We need to get people elected who agree with us and be active in each policy issue. Here is my 5 year plan:

  1. The right wing has a horrific plan if/when Trump becomes president. We need a progressive agenda of our own. We need as many progressive groups to come together as possible and had a progressive summit. We list all of our economic priorities. We build movements on each issue and be ready to go once a progressive president is elected.

  2. We start a new group called “Claim Your Money.” Claim Your Money will be similar to Justice Democrats only there will be more screening and monitoring of their campaigns. We need to train potential candidates to be the politicians we want in Congress. They need to campaign correctly and be effective when they get elected. We ask them scenarios of things that have happen in Congress and how they would handle them. They need to be people who are willing to be hated by leadership and support our progressive agenda. The focus would be on economic issues. There are willing to hold other members of Congress accountable and call them out.

  3. Unfortunately this election we are likely stuck with Biden vs Trump. I hope things change, but as it stands now that’s the most likely scenario. We need a plan for 2028. While establishing Claim Your Money and getting those candidates elected, we need at least 3 progressive candidates to run for president. All 3 will meet with our group. Each one will do everything to build their base and increase their poll numbers. The would all attack corporate Democrats relentlessly. Then in November 2027, we would unify behind 1 candidate and the others would agree to drop out and endorse that candidate.

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It could be virtual. We need to hold this right before the DNC convention.

As you have witnessed with Justice Democrats the force of the current is hard to resist. I think having accountability that doesn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater is the trick here. I think counter messaging media training maybe a TYT core value of sorts.

Why not augment Justice Democrats with this function?

I think this is super early yet.

I think 3 is really optimistic. I thought we could get a couple but my feeling is we are luck to have Cenk running. I am not sure if that will change it may if Cenk is treated with some respect.

I think DNC has a dark history to overcome and when you sow insipid tactics you tend to incentivize reciprocity.

It is the golden rule, but often those in power cannot bring their ivy league education to bare. It seems they need these things drawn out with a colorful diagram, and delivered with a vaguely familiar face to get through.

There is an old saying in Washington it is better to be at the table then what is for dinner.

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I agree with media training of candidates. I am not convinced Justice Democrats can be fixed. The 3 progressive candidates would be for 2028.


I must have been confused 2028 is way more doable.

I the risk of lacking digression, could you tell me as best you feel comfortable with as to why you feel this way?

How would you augment Justice Democrats?

There is a continuity break down between the people and the politicians. Throughput is the issue. The next is they are a product of the environment so they are constantly inspired to not be held accountable. The so called soft bigotry of low expectations.

I suggest they use AI to model potential scenarios more. This could help them model opposition of other senators / representatives before they lodge it. Also this could help them game out strategy for rollouts of complex resolutions.

They should roleplay more in their preparation for floor debate and adversarial lobbing.

A shoulder tap gig thinktank could be hosted by TYT. We could have a private bounty board for certain users. They could be offered a bounty for a specific work product request.

Telemetry from this forum and discords related to TYT. Having reports could be a great thing. Discord is known for being a free for all with data scraping and security flaws. You could use this to your advantage by having bots feed reports to staff positions. Not all data is quality data so this should be done with that in mind.

I would be shocked if some here aren’t staff of some in power. I am not trying to be adversarial I only say that to welcome them. I think we collectively could help them be more effective, however this isn’t one sided. After the handshake protocol is agreed is some manor we must have honest brokers exchange knowledge when possible.

I think we should focus on local elections, seeing as the federal ones are a no go. If the Corporate Media is going to black out progressive candidates at the federal level we’d have to build local recognition instead. Then it’d be easier for us to gain power, all be it, more slowly.

Don’t get it twisted though, there’s real power in those lower offices if they’re held by people with the same ideology and motives. We can limit the damage corporate candidates are causing and build more support for progressives if we have progressives run for, win and do good for the voters in those lower races.