Positive Vibes Everyone

I wanted to ask everyone to cheer up Cenk. I read the news about Nina Turner. It’s important that we stay positive. This is a long battle. Likely a lifetime battle. It’s not a physical battle but one of integrity versus corruption.

Our country is hurting. People are hurting. The most important path during dark times isn’t always winning. Unfortunately that isn’t always possible. What we can do is provide light and comfort during these times.

We need to all be better about it. We all need to find a way to be more positive, encouraging and supportive.

Many people who fought for the right things that brought humanity to a more inclusive healthy society never lived long enough to see the results of their actions.

We need a positive focus that is less on winning a battle and more on long term integrity built of hardened steel and honest discourse. That is how you win the long term integrity.

Sometimes going for the grand prize makes you vulnerable. Where slow, steady and building a strong coalition can stand the rest of time.

We need people who want uncorrupted leaders. And we need enough to have leverage to actually have accountability.

I want to thank Cenk for educating myself on how to read the news. The clarity you brought and having things finally fit together is amazingly valuable.

Be strong. This is a lifetime battle for integrity. It is worth it. Humanity cannot survive without it. And you folks have what humanity needs to floursish and be a healthy party of this world and whatever lay beyond.

Be strong. Support each other. And care about one another. Take care.


please see below thank you know message I decided to make for the TYT team. I just became a progressive less than a month ago and I’m 32. TYT has opened my eyes to the truth. Let’s continue the war against these corrupt politicians, you have one more extremely passionate person on your side :slight_smile:

Cenk/Ana/Rest of TYT,

I don’t know if this will get to you, but I am writing this email after watching yesterday’s segment about the capitol police testimony. As Jake so eloquently put, it may seem like we are only hugging each other right now, but I wanted to let you know, I am proof you are not just doing that! It broke my heart to see Jake get emotional about how hopefulness it seems, and honestly I was so angry after watching the capitol police interviews that it has pushed me to the next step of action.

Some background to show that what you are doing is working. I grew up in a conservative household in California, my parents devotion to Fox News and the Republican Party was that of the strongest believers. But as I grew up, and even while attending a very conservative college, my eyes slowly started opening. I voted against Obama both times, but voted libertarian during 2016 election. I made the jump to democrat party during Trump’s presidency, and COVID response failure. I finally joined the progressive movement after this last election when a friend showed me just one of your old videos about Rush Limbaugh and how crazy he was.

My point is don’t give up, there is hope and now thanks to your show, I am a proudly a progressive, my eyes have opened and honestly it is the most liberating thing I could’ve imagined. Like holy shit, I had no idea how the US actually worked until a few weeks ago.

Once I finish my time in the my current job, I plan to fully join the progressive cause and help in any way I can.

I love you guys and everything you do for this country. Right now I am slowly using your show to help others open there eyes too. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!


Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I totally agree with you - there are so many ways to measure success. Even though Cenk knows this, it can of course be challenging to always stay positive. It truly helps all of us to remind one another to stay positive and never give up. So glad you’re here with us.


This is such a hopeful story. I can’t tell you how many people in our TYT Community were raised by conservatives, including me! Thank you for sharing your story and being willing to help where you can. You can volunteer with our TYT Army, join our Book Club, become a member if you aren’t already. Check out our latest TYT Today video where there are links about how to get more involved: [video] Book Chat: The Shock Doctrine, Part 2 - TYT.com

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Hey, Frank! We would love to have you in the TYT Army. This link provides a brief overview of our five teams, or task forces. It’s a great way to get involved, whether you want to organize in-person events or help out from home. I’m the co-colonel (co-director) of the Research and Reporting team and a captain in the Infantry team. If you need more info, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


As I’ve been saying for years, Cenk channels all of our anger and our sadness (as well as our jubilation when we have a victory). You don’t get those kind of true emotions from the robots in the establishment media. The good folks at TYT help to make the news more relatable to people who are waking up to the progressive message.


Jessica, joined the army! Names actually Rhett, so I’ll read up more on the roles and responsibilities. Thanks!