Presidential elections

Hey - just had an idea; trump could win the election ( almost my vote) if he just said “BB would do a cease fire ASAP, when I would tell him to knock that crap off or zero more $”

Or for that matter, what presidential candidate would cut off funds, no questions asked, until a cease fire?

Trump would not cut off funds. Supporting Israel is a top priority for the christian right, and they control the republican party.

I don’t know how any thinking person could vote for such an ignorant and racist person like Trump for any position of leadership.

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Of course I would never vote Trump, I support TYT among other things. The thought was to envision trumps b.s. ‘Swag’ announcing, for the votes that would win him the election, that Netanyahu would be cut off funds wise. This prompted the thought what politician out there ( in there right mind ) actually would have the balls to stop funding to Israel until a permanent cease fire. I think the Evangelical far right would easily be surpassed at this current state of crisis. But nice meeting you sg24, I’m sg23

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