Press politicians on their donors

I would love to see the media really press politicians on who their donors are. Not just in general, but when engaged in a policy conversation. If a politician has a particular stance on a particular issue, I think they should be forced to discuss who their donors are and why they won’t cast votes to serve a donor. This would never happen, but it would be nice to put these A-holes on notice that we all know how widespread the corruption is. I feel that the corruption has turned into “just the way it is”. We all know how corrupt these politicians are and they know how corrupt they are, yet it feels like it’s a secret that no one is supposed to talk about. So discouraging.

Is there some kind of donor wiki out there?

There a lots and lots of places to see who donates to whom. It would be nice if the news media, when interviewing these politicians, reminded them who their donors are and press them on why they won’t vote on policies based on these donations. We can all do our homework to put 2 and 2 together to see that these politicians vote along donor lines, but many Americans are lazy and like to be spoon-fed the news. When it comes to money in politics, I believe that it should be the job of our fair and free press to continually call out the donations and force these politicians to admit that they are bought. It is a dream that I have. I live in reality so I know this would never happen, but a fella can dream, can’t he?

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You have far more control over reality that you are letting on.

I control my reality every day. I have zero control over what others do. Based on being alive recently, it is a safe assumption that the reality that I hope for is not a reality at all because, as I said, I do not control others.

It isn’t about control it is about influence.

I feel like you’re talking about life in general. I agree with you that, in general, influence matters. Let’s face it though. For this specific topic that I raised, not everyone has the ability and/or opportunity to be politically influential. If everyone has this kind of influence, then why would it be common to raise and spend as much money as these politicians have to raise in order to be influential. Without the $$$, influence is not possible in the national political arena. I know you know this. At least, if I am reading between the lines, I believe you know this.

I have very little money and influence many often. I think it is more about working together and morale than it is about money. Also investment always comes last due to the nature of risk. What I am saying across many posts to many of you now is this. You must have superior ideas that way they can steal them an treat them as their own. This is why we must build a parallel system that allows us to execute ideas that help us further our goals. Don’t spend time convincing them, the better we execute superior concepts the others will willingly join.