Progressive diffusion in the legislature

Cenk has had increasing frustrations with the progressives caucuses leadership, or lack there of.
I agree with this frustration, and I think I could add some perspective to it that maybe useful to some.

At the heart of most democratic politicians at one time was a young person that played by the rules, and sought approval. These progressive don’t understand by only working within the system they are being complicit in our own demise. They are all fairly new to this so they should be allowed to have a grace period. In the words of Boots Riley, they would tear this mother up if they really gave a folk about you.

Cenk is correct, now they have dropped their standards so low that they really do believe the moral thing to do is be copesetic. The progressive caucuses is emulating corporate democrats. It seems they lack courage to step outside of line, and into the maw that is right wing media attacks.

On the other hand who could blame them? What have we don’t to provide them cover with any type protest action? Ilhan Omar being attacked over her comments regarding lobbyist, and Israel still really bothers me. We need to provide thoughtful escalation to attacks like those. AOC, and others don’t feel well enough supported to step out of line and be brave. That isn’t really who they are, they must be really pushed to be a fighter.

If we give them the chance to do the right thing, and they still fail. Then I think it is time consider our options.

Progressives need to consider hitting the streets more often and for shorter periods of time. Be strategic with it. Have your protest action correspond to the political meta.

Were the ones to give them the sense of urgency that they are sorely lacking.