Progressive Hunger Games

What if TYT were to somehow organize or host a Hunger Games style tournament? Influencing the game in real time could some amount of money. It could be a way to have rich people compete for fame and influence, and the profits can go toward progressive causes.

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I am not sure what that is exactly. I like the idea of a competitive environment for investing in new projects.

I think writers have an outsized influence from now moving forward. Your ability to collaborate with others creating story and art is the new frontier. I encourage progressives to pursue this direction.

It’s a concept. We get to build it.

This is an unrelated subject, right? Writing isn’t what a tournament is about. Another thread might suit your idea better.

No I am talking about Hollywood and how you are using their framing. Generally framing is crucial.

In the words of Zack De La Rocha

Amistad was a whip, the truth was feathered and tarred.

So how would you frame the idea?

Cooperative and collaborative with competitive elements.

So you’re saying that in your opinion, a ‘hunger games’ is too competitive?

I am saying hunger games is dystopic, and if you choose to dwell there the things you create will reflect those feelings.

The dystopian setting is beside the point of a tournament or action filled competition.

Based on zero sum scarcity hysteria too?

At the core of it the idea and the framing are inextricable intertwined, that is my entire point.

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No. Not related to zero sum stuff.

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