Progressive ideology simplified

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i find that a lot of firmly held progressive beliefs come from ideas that seem very complex but really aren’t that complex at their heart.

for instance if you’ve read manufacturing consent or attempted to you may know what i’m talking about. the book , in over 15 hours on audio, basically explains the number of ways the government uses our media to get the american public onboard with our wars and against the actions/wars of countries the government deems as enemies. it’s a very complex explanation of something relatively straight forward that the general public shouldn’t have to struggle through a chomsky book to understand.

as another example the way we funnel tax money to israel/aipac then israel/aipac uses the money we send to control our government also seems complex but is pretty straight forward corruption.

it would be great if we could do a video or short spark notes type book taking the most important and complex ideas of progressive ideology and simplify it for general consumption.

if anybody has access to adam mckay and can convince him to “the big short” it that would be preferable.

thank you for your time


Thank you for the tip. I’m going to look up Manufacturing Consent right now. Your idea sounds great, by the way!

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excellent! happy to help! thank you for supporting the idea!

the information in manufacturing consent is great but it is incredibly dry!


The film version was on Netflix for a while.


Even better! :smiling_face: