Progressive/Justice Democrats Policy Soundbites

I have been thinking about what (or how) I would be comfortable sharing the progressive agenda say with a neighbor or friend just on a whim (or rather a calculated risk). I can see myself saying “Hey would you just sit and watch this one video with me, then we can talk about it after?”.

So imagine if TYT created/curated specific easily digestible (say 2-3 minutes in length?) videos about these popular policies (in this case paid family leave) complete with how money in politics is stopping this from being a reality! I would share that with anyone willing to just humor me!

I would imagine the presentation would have to be just slightly different than actual snip-its from the mainshow, I’m thinking something a little more Scishow-esque (detailed but to-the-point). On a side-note theres a powerful colab opportunity (we need real data about how our mental health, family dynamics, personal finances etc. is affected when PFL is implemented).

As wide of an audience as Cenk boasts that TYT reaches, most people I come across haven’t heard of the organization and eventually when people see Cenk and Ana and the rest of crew dishing out truth AND authenticity… they’ll be hooked.

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In my opinion the best way to do this is either. You talk about showing TYT to a person that shared similar interest to them. After you plant that seed later bring up a story that TYT did that maybe would resonate with that person.

The other way is you just lead them. Just forget that progressives are ignored and shunned, approach and talk to him enthusiastically about a TYT clip. Just omit that it was about TYT or Cenk(or whom ever is in the clip), however make sure it was a topic likely to interest them. If you do this well they will ask you who’s clip it was. That is when you can break it to them softly. Say that some people don’t like them but your not sure why they have such a bad reputation. Let them explain their perspective to you.