Progressive March Madness, Day 2!

#ProgressiveMarchMadness continues today, with today’s first matchup Living Wage :money_with_wings: versus Gun Control :gun:. Take the poll here!

UPDATE: And here’s the second poll for today: Voting Rights :ballot_box: versus Green New Deal :earth_americas:. Which one do you think is most important?

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s winners and an updated bracket.

  • Medicare For All :health_worker:crushed End Private Prisons 93.2% to 6.8%!
  • Cancel Student Debt :student: edged out Legalize Marijuana 68.8% to 31.3%
  • This means that Medicare For All and Cancel Student Debt will soon face off in the “Elite Eight” of policies.

There are two polls every day, one in the morning and one in the evening (Eastern Time), so make sure to vote, like, comment, and retweet to help get the word out about TYT Army and progressive policies.

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