Progressive March Madness — Final Four 2nd semifinal

:ballot_box_with_ballot: The poll for the second semifinal for #ProgressiveMarchMadness is now underway!

Tax the Rich or Overturn Citizens United will go on to meet yesterday’s winner Medicare For All in the championship! :trophy:

Tax the Rich had a decisive win against Immigrants’ Rights (82.5%-17.5%) in their first matchup. :muscle: Criminal Justice Reform fared better, but Tax the Rich still won by a comfortable margin (69.4%-21.6%) to earn a spot in the seminfinal.

Overturn Citizens United’s path to the Final Four has been similar, easily besting Free Childcare in their first matchup by grabbing 75.4% of the votes. :muscle: The final score of their second poll was closer, but Housing For All (36.7%) also could not overcome Overturn Citizens United (63.3%).

At the core of both Tax the Rich and Overturn Citizens United is the idea that the wealthy class :money_mouth_face: should not subvert our democratic way of life — one by making sure the rich can’t get out of paying their fair share to society, and the other by keeping moneyed interests from corrupting our electoral process.

Which policy approach will prove more successful in Progressive March Madness:question:Please make sure to vote, comment, and share!