Progressive March Madness Final Four!

The semifinals for #ProgressiveMarchMadness have begun!

The first poll in the “Final Four” of progressive policies pits MedicareForAll :hospital: against Voting Rights :ballot_box:.

Voting Rights has been the Cinderella story of Progressive March Madness. :princess:
— After knocking out the immensely popular policy Green New Deal in a close finish (58.2%-41.8%) in the first round, Living Wages also proved to be no match for Voting Rights—a very important, but less-discussed progressive priority.

Medicare For All has absolutely crushed the other policies so far in head-to-head polling. :muscle:
— M4A got 93.2% of the vote in its first round against Private Prisons, and canceled Cancel Student Debt with an impressive 92.5% of the vote.

Will the underdog Voting Rights pull off another upset, this time against what is arguably progressives’ signature policy, Medicare For All:interrobang:

Voting is open through **Sunday at noon Eastern! **