Progressive March Madness!

TYT Army’s Progressive March Madness has officially started! :tada:

Just like Cenk Uygur announced on the main show, the idea is head-to-head competitions like March Madness, except with progressive policies:

  • 16 policies total
  • In each Twitter poll, there are two progressive policies
  • The policy with the most votes goes on to the next round.
  • In the last round, the top two policies will compete.
  • One policy will win the title of most popular progressive policy.

The first poll just went live! There will be two polls every day to decide which policy goes on to the next round.

If you don’t already you can make sure you’re following @TYTArmy3 on Twitter and tap the bell on Twitter to get alerts when the next poll is posted. May the best policy win!

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Here’s a tweet with a video of Cenk announcing it on the main show: