Progressive Nashville election

I just wanted to let you know about an important news story. Nashville, Tennessee (an oasis in a very hostile red state) elected a progressive mayor and several progressive city council at-large seats. One of the newly elected at large seats is Olivia Hill, a trans woman who is the first trans council member ever elected in Nashville.


The bigger news is our vice mayor and all 5 at large seats are progressive women (one incumbent woman ). Gloria Johnson part of TN 3 is giving Marsha Blackburn a run. mixed feelings whether she can win in sea of red. She has the potential to get east TN which is critical to a state wide win. There is progressive movement in TN which is news in itself, people are organizing using non violent disruptive and provocative tactics and the dominant white male culture are showing exactly what they are: racist, violent, misogynist and fascist. Hopefully we can get more progressive challenges to every state seat. Money is here for these candidates, which is mainly due to the Justin’s . actual investment in the progressive candidates in the South is the only strategy that may save what we are calling a democracy. it’s more the corporate Dems in the way rather than R’s. See Jessica Cisceneros in TX, thanks Nancy. Watch TN something is happening we have not seen in generations.


Yes, I agree that it is impressive news. I was thrilled that progressive women won the vice mayor and at-large council seats. I also can’t wait to see what the Justins do next. They are making a difference. TN is hostile to anyone progressive or even a Dem. I don’t think Gloria Johnson has much chance to beat Blackburn, but you never know…